Monday, 5 March 2012



Looking for a conference online to talk about books , the industry and connect with a great bunch of guys and gals this weekend – well look no further

The third year of the Book Bloggers and Publisher’s Online  is  here..   well almost here, MARCH 7-11, 2012 is the official start date but of course registration and all that other good stuff is going on at the moment..

Like what you ask..

Well there is the private  Ning group that you can hang out in until the meeting start.

If you jump onto the conference site Book Bloggers and Publisher’s Online  you will have a chance to see all the panels being hosted and so be able to plan your schedule accordingly.

and then of course there is the free stuff – yes there’s free stuff - loads of free book - but you have to sign up to have your pick.. Go over to the site to have a look at the lot on offer.

and lastly – you remember I mention a great bunch of guys and gals  - well  all of these guys and gals brings something to conference – whether it’s their own professional expertise (lawyers, authors, editor, owner, graphic artist etc) or just enthusiasm for the book blogger-land that we all know and love…  whatever it is,  something is there for everyone.

Terry Kate from Romance in the Backseat  who is the organizer of the event is hosting a pre-panel chat this evening March 05th at 8.30pm EST for all those who wanted  to call in and get more info on the event or just listen in ..

Here’s the LINK (Linked to

Looking forward to seeing you there…


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