Monday, 2 January 2012

Re: A PRIVATE MATTER by Kathleen O'Connor

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Kathleen O'Connor

Detective Mitch Gallagher is spending a lot of time at the Rayex Corporation. He is obsessed with finding the killer of David Forjane and believes the murder’s proximity to the victim’s workplace is the key clue. He and his overbearing partner, Sandy Sclafani, investigate all of David’s coworkers in the Public Relations Department at Rayex.

The two find the chemical company to be a sterile, competitive place where the victim was undercutting his bosses’ authority and pushing subordinates to perform beyond their limits. But the detectives don’t find sufficient motivation that would have prompted a Rayex employee to kill David Forjane on a lonely access road.

Complicating the investigation even further is new hire Tess McConnell. Gallagher finds his every overture to the Celtic beauty either clumsy, ill timed or filled with miscommunications. But together these two will solve a murder and forge a lasting bond that is no accident.

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Dr J on 3 January 2012 at 01:53 said...

Thanks for the good review. So good to have you posting again. Have missed reading your insightful, humorous, or other kinds of comments. Thanks again for the New Year's wishes.