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Excerpt Day - Hunks: Too Hot to Touch © Marie Rochelle





"I can't believe this is happening to me." Shauntie Kane watched as the water dripped down from the ceiling onto her brand new mahogany kitchen table.


For over a month now, she'd known about the roof leak, but she'd put getting it fixed at the bottom of her list because of demands from her job as an optometrist. She didn't think it would get this serious so rapidly. Unfortunately now, her procrastination had led to a huge puddle in the center of her table which was getting larger right before her eyes.


Good God! When would she have time to call a roofer to come and see about all of this? Her hectic work schedule was booked solid and this new situation only added to her tribulations. Why couldn't this have occurred when she was on vacation? No, it had to arise right now, when she was having her busiest time at work.


Damn, she already had enough bills to pay this month and her lucrative job as an eye doctor didn't make a bit of difference. She hatedspending extra money. From a very young age, she'd watched as her mother saved money and only spent it when necessary. Her mother's favorite saying was ‘save a penny for a rainy day.' She didn't believe in wasting money; however, her need to save money was the main reason her roof was in this condition.


Shauntie could only imagine the price the roofer would quote to fix the leaky roof. Without a doubt, it would probably cost an arm, leg and another one of her body parts thrown in for good measure.


She might actually have to take a part time job on the side to foot the bill, she thought jokingly.


Sighing, Shauntie took one last look at her increasing predicament before walking into the laundry room. Looking around the room, she searched for the small white bucket she'd placed there a few days ago. It wasn't the best, but it would give the water something to collect in besides on top of her table.


Finally, she spotted the bucket beside the dryer. Shauntie picked it up then grabbed a towel out of the dirty clothes' hamper before she left the room. Going back into the kitchen, she wiped up all of the excess water with the towel before placing the bucket directly under the steady drip.


There, that should take care of her problem for a while.


She went back into the laundry room and tossed the soaked towel into the washing machine. Tonight wasn't turning out as she expected at all. She should already be out of the house and enjoying her usual Friday night cocktail with her friends.


Sapphire and Emerald were probably already at the nightclub having drinks and talking about their day while waiting on her to show up. Why was she constantly the one running late when her best friends invited her out? Lately something out of the blue always seemed to come up at the last minute to keep her late at work or home.


In the last two months, Shauntie knew she hadn't arrived to the club on time for her girl's night, and what was worse, she was the one who arranged the get togethers.


Tonight, she'd finally hoped to change her bad habits by getting dressed earlier, but her idea hadn't work because here she was once again still at home trying to make it out of the front door.


Of course, Sapphire and Emerald weren't going to let her hear the last of this since she'd practically gloated about how she was going to beat the two of them there tonight.


Damn! Why did she have to brag about something she knew might not happen? Shauntie hated losing at anything and especially at something trivial like this.


She could have been at the club twenty minutes ago and won the bet if she hadn't needed to take care of this stupid leak. What person in their right mind wouldn't have gotten it looked at after the first sign of trouble?


However, like always she thought things would wait until she had the time to fix them on her schedule and that was never the case. This incident had taught her a well deserved lesson.


Hurrying out of the laundry room, Shauntie grabbed her stuff off the kitchen island and rushed into the living room. She did a very quick tour through her house making sure everything was locked and secured before going out the front door. She hoped her friends hadn't been waiting too long for her because Emerald would be the first one to speak up if they had. Shauntie pulled her dark blue BMW out of the driveway and headed down the street towards the nightclub where her friends were waiting. She couldn't wait until she took a sip of her first drink.


After the long hours she worked this week along with the two eye surgeries she'd performed yesterday, Shauntie needed something sinful to release all of the tension from her body and since there wasn't a hot, attractive guy in the picture to do it with sex, a good drink would have to suffice.


The thought of having a couple of drinks and a night out with her girls sounded like the perfect way to alleviate the strain that had taken control of her racing mind and tired body.


Shauntie couldn't wait until she got to her destination because she wanted to flirt with some good-looking guys and have a good time with her friends. This wouldn't be a problem with Sapphire or Emerald at her side since they constantly had some kind of wild and adventurous stories to help take her mind off her own pitiful dating life.


Her two best friends never seemed like they were ever lacking in the boyfriend department. She couldn't recall the last time either Sapphire or Emerald didn't have a date planned during the week or at least on the weekends. had been a while since a man had shared her bed or taken part of making her glad she was a woman. But did she really have to get excited this morning when an attractive guy struck up a conversation with her at the gas station while she was pumping gas.


How sad was she? Sheesh. What would her friends say if they knew she was lonely from lack of male companionship? One thing was for sure, Sapphire and Emerald would never find out because she wasn't about to tell them.


She didn't want to get dragged into one of their dating schemes again. They were always trying to find her a man and all she wanted to do was relax and have a little fun tonight.


©  Marie Rochelle

Hunks: Too Hot to Touch

Author: Marie Rochelle

Publisher: Phaze Books

Genre: Contemporary

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Nash Wentworth knew it was wrong, but he couldn't help falling in love with Shauntie Kane. She was the perfect woman in his eyes: Intelligent, beautiful and independent. His life should have been perfect; however, there was one little problem. She had dated one of his friends and wasn't interested in going down the same road with him.

Shauntie Kane was as strong willed as a woman could be and didn't mind saying what was on her mind. This meant Nash had to do a lot more than use his good looks to impress her and work his way into her life.

Nash isn't turned off by Shauntie's bluntness; in fact, it is a turn on for him. Can Nash's determination make Shauntie see that he is able to handle anything she tosses his way?

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