Wednesday, 15 June 2011

It’s Wednesday and my week begins – What I read last week

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Books I completed last week

Bailey Bradford - Southern Spirits 5 - Aftermath

Lynn Hagen - Montana's Vamp (Brac Pack 16)

Parker Grey - Taking Chances

T.A. Chase - Voice for the Silent

Stormy Glenn - Midnight Mating 2 – Scales and a Tail

Gabrielle Evans – Midnight Mating 3 – Fire and Ash

Lavinia Lewis - Shifters Haven 01) Luke's Surprise

Lavinia Lewis - Shifters Haven 02 - Cody's Revelation

Book Pimping

Game of Hearts 02 - Daisy's Choice

Sienna Mynx -

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In the game of hearts there can be more than one loser…

Take Daisy Johnson, for starters. She came from nothing but now she has it all: a thriving business, a beautiful daughter, and the financial security that makes her the master of her own destiny. Yet the memories of two very different loves cast a shadow of doubt and fear that keeps her trapped in self-imposed isolation.

Aiden Keane has wealth, power, and control. However, despite years of claiming the fortunes of others, he is still haunted by the woman who robbed him of his heart. Her rejection and disappearance have fueled his obsession over the years. If he doesn't find her soon it will be his undoing.

Peter Doyle wants a fresh start. He's sure as hell earned it. It's taken him five years to get over his first love and the role he played in destroying it. But with a new girlfriend and business opportunity of his own, he is ready to begin again. He's gambled on love before and lost big. Pete wants closure, or maybe something more. Until he answers which of the two is most important, he won't be able to close the door on Daisy Johnson, his past, and their heartbreak.

Tragedy strikes, and the paths of all three collide in the most unexpected of ways. Daisy had her reasons to remain hidden from both of the men in her past. When all her secrets are uncovered Daisy is faced with one question: does she have any choices left?

Give Me A Texas Outlaw

Linda Broday, Jodi Thomas, Phyliss Miranda

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Fearless and irresistible, outlaws are the original bad boys. Now New York Times bestselling author Jodi Thomas and Linda Broday, Phyliss Miranda, and DeWanna Pace offer up four sexy and romantic stories for women who love men who know how to pack heat...

If Cozette Camanez's groom doesn't show up for their wedding by dawn, she'll lose her family ranch. Trouble is, the groom doesn't exist-until unsuspecting thief Michael Hughes comes along. Never was an outlaw faced with such a lovely-and willing-target...

Larissa Patrick, the beautiful daughter of a wealthy rancher, has been kidnapped. Only one man can save her: gunfighter Johnny Bravo. Rescuing Larissa is the easy part-but getting her home without losing his heart will take the discipline of a saint. And Johnny's no saint...

Lawman Ethan Kimble is finally face to face with his quarry: socialite and bank robber Savannah Parker. The only thing between them is a Winchester pointed at his heart-and some undeniable sparks. If Kimble can tame the Texas Flame, they may ignite a passion that breaks every rule...

When outlaw Shadow Rivers and desperado Odessa Kilmore escape a hail of bullets and team up on a long journey, both are determined to hide their secrets-and their attraction. No easy task as they discover a love more powerful than their enemies combined...

Up next on the reading deck

Kevin L. Backer - No Son of Mine

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Chris on 15 June 2011 at 01:20 said...

I'm interested in hearing what you think of No Son of Mine.

Kassa on 16 June 2011 at 12:07 said...

Ditto what Chris said.