Tuesday, 7 June 2011

GLBT audio publisher - They are out there…

With some readers barely moving from paperback over to ebooks, I am not sure how many actually venture further a field to incorporate m/m audio into their reading life.

As I have visually challenge people in my family, I or someone near or dear to me has more or less always dabbled in audio books of some kind.  Over the years I normally check on the more established m/m publisher to see how they are progressing in terms of this market..

I was so please going on about 2 years now when a hand full took the plunge and started transferring their erotic material into audio. There is still only a handful and the catalogue is not the biggest but they are getting there.

I am listing a handful that I personally have tried, however if you know of a m/m publisher that does GLBT romance (not general GLBT) audio – do drop it on comments and I will check them out.. Publishers only, third party site will be featured on Wednesday.

Dreamspinner Press

So far this publisher has a handful of titles in their audio range… I actually have a love hate relationship with Dreamspinner Press – I want more audio titles, I always want more audio titles from them.

One you get onto the main Dreamspinner Press page the audio page is right above the cut so easily found and while the site does all the listing and give general info about the books as well as excerpt, buying the book itself takes you to an audiobook retailer site ( Audible.com) site which I will mention tomorrow.

T-ebound 2

Total E-Bound

This is probably the publisher that I use the most as they have a wider listing and while most of the m/m offering is backlisted stuff – I have found works that I had not read before or even books that have been pulled out of Anthology and listed as stand alone.

All the books listed can be previewed (listened to ) for just a little over a minute on the actual site which is about standard across the audio industry board.

Using the TEB website is generally a painless process and if I had any major niggle with this publisher spread is that finding the link to the audio page itself is way at the bottom of the page,  probably there is a method to having it there but I don’t get it…

I wish they would move it up about the cut.

MLR Books

So far I have only listen to the one book from them – and I only found it because I am a fan of the narrator – Jim Bowie. I love their ebook range of books and I am hoping within the next year some of their newer title get put onto audio. 

Silver Publishing

I have only listened to one book from here as well – but I am keenly watching where this publisher goes with this area of their site. Silver Publishing is a relatively new venture and they have already stepped into the audio book scene – kudos to them.

Extasy Books

I found this one by chance when I realised that a book I liked went to audio – however I will admit I did not buy the audio from them as it seems they only have one audio book and the fine details that I like to see on a product was not present  - so I gave it a miss.

All that said, I do check into the site every once in a while to see if anything else is happening there..




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Chris on 7 June 2011 at 15:48 said...

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I don't really listen to audiobooks unless I'm taking a driving trip - but I will have to check out some of these the next time I do!

Erotic Horizon on 7 June 2011 at 17:31 said...


Make sure you go familiarise yourself with their back list... so when you are ready you know what's there..

I am really hoping Dreamspinner do more audio..


Dr J on 7 June 2011 at 18:42 said...

Haven't ever really gotten into the audiobook phenomenon--I don't really get on the freeways as much as in past years so don't have need to listen to books rather than read them. However, there are a number of my friends who are driving somewhere all the time and have found that audiobooks are really their salvation if they want to "read" at all. One of my So. Cal. blogger friends has based her entire "reading" experience on audio books. Such a great way for many to experience romance fiction.