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Excerpt Day - Unveiled series Bk 2: Provoke Me © Cari Quinn




Glass exploded on the polished floor, the sound ricocheting like gunfire. Only the people closest to her noticed. Or at least that was what she thought until her gaze connected with Spencer’s. He’d drawn back to stare at her as if he were seeing a ghost. Shock etched features that a moment ago had been taut with lust and those heavy-lidded, dark eyes burned into hers across the room.


Hey there, Spencer. Remember me?


Awareness hummed between them. His hooded gaze raked her bare, left her shivering and raw.




It was all too much. She’d come here to be with him when she couldn’t even face herself in this place. She couldn’t take those few steps toward him, but she couldn’t turn away.


Her game had gone way too far.


“Jesus, fuck, look at all the glass! I got a piece in my ass!” The giggly blonde—not so giggly now—leaped to her feet and glared at Kelly. At the same moment, Kelly’s cell phone went off in her purse, launching into one of the latest songs.


“Christ, turn that shit off!” Giggly blonde’s male friend must not have been a fan of pop music.


Kelly grabbed her shoes. Obviously, she’d overstayed her welcome.


She didn’t stop to slip on her sandals before running through the door. Just keep moving. Hard to do when the hall suddenly teemed with people. Where had they all come from?


She waited for a break in the foot traffic to take a step but her dizziness returned. Better and better. She had to get out of there. But her feet refused to work.


Squeezing her eyes shut, she tried to get hold of herself. She could freak out later. Much later, when she was safe in her bed at home.


She fought her way through the crowd, somehow managing to make it to the shadowy end of the hallway. The emergency exit loomed ahead. Safety. But before she reached it, someone drove her up against the wall. Her breath rushed out in a big whoosh as she realized a muscled male body had her pinned.


And not just with his hands. A hard cock pressed against her backside. She went still.


“Don’t think you got what you came for,” he said softly, his voice barely a hot whisper against her ear. “Or do you just like to watch too?”


She’d thought she couldn’t breathe a second ago? Cripes, she’d been positively overoxygenated compared to this. Her lungs squeezed and she stared at the wall, sure she’d wake up in her bed any time now. Alone, with her hand between her legs as she’d awakened so many times before. He always visited her in her dreams, taunting her with what she’d never have.


Except he was right here. And she’d be damned if she just let him walk away.


She bucked against him, and for an instant he dropped his guard and the arm he’d used to cage her. Then she grabbed his hand and pulled it down, pressing it against her belly. Giving herself that extra second before she took things to a place they couldn’t step back from.


His fingers flexed in her hold. Go for it, she admonished herself.


But before she could, he went for it for her. He slid his hand between her legs, rubbing hard. She jerked her hips against his palm, desperate for more. The friction of his brusque touch both soothed the ache and intensified it. As wet as she was, she barely needed any stimulation at all and he’d already overloaded her.


Her heart pounded frantically and she opened her mouth on a soft cry. He ground his hand, circling, dragging it up and down until her cries became one long, endless moan.


She tensed and stilled in his hold, the storm inside her reaching the breaking point. Yes. Finally. He covered her mouth with his other hand and pulled her head back against his shoulder, muffling the sound of her scream. The resulting spurt of fear from his abrupt move only magnified her orgasm. Helpless, she bit his fingers as she came.


He gave her a moment to regain her equilibrium. Then he whirled her around.


As she met his dark, needy eyes, Kelly blushed clear down to her kneecaps. For once in her life, she was completely speechless.


“You bit me,” he said in an undertone.


She swallowed a dozen retorts. I want to bite you everywhere. “Did you like it?”


Before he could answer, a group of people thundered past them toward the exit. Spencer tugged her against him as if he could shield her with his body. But from what? Where was the fire?


“What’s happening?” she whispered.


Just then someone shouted, “Cops!”


© Cari Quinn


Provoke Me

Author: Cari Quinn

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Genre: Romance

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Book two in the Unveiled series.

Sometimes extreme provocation can lead to exactly what you need…

Attracted. Kelly is focused on the bookstore she manages. Sex is relegated to a list of candidates on her PDA. Only one man pushes all her buttons―her boss.

Fascinated. Spencer is determined to fight his desire for Kelly. For years they’ve bumped heads over the store they both love. But there’s more than one reason a potential relationship is too complicated.

Provoked. When Kelly and Spencer unexpectedly meet up at a sex club, all the rules go out the window. Suddenly there’s only one way this match of wills can end―naked, preferably all night long. In this battle for sexual supremacy, there are two winners—and two losers, when their stubbornness leads to the very thing each dreads most.

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