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Reviews (mini) - Anything for You © Tressie Lockwood, Roadside Strangers © Marie Rochelle




Anything for You

Tressie Lockwood

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I am always on the looks out for good interracial books and I have been on a roll with Ms Lockwood recently and so decided to give ANYTHING FOR YOU a try – as once again I was sucked in by the blurb.

While the books starts off on a little bit of drama which made me have high hopes for the book, it was  however not meant to be.

The story in a nutshell is about  Callea, a woman trying to move on with her life after allowing Parker, a man who loved her to take the fall for a crime she did 10 years ago. In trying to get on with her life she has taken a different path career wise from what she has always dreamt of – and isolated herself from friends and family during that time.

The story picks up 10 years later and Parker is now out of prison and his only obsession, as that’s all I can call it is to get Callea back into his life. Nothing was developed properly in this book and while I got the main story – characters were so stereotypical and comical in some sense and it was hard to really connect with them.

Callea was an idiot as well, from a woman’s POV I wanted to slap her six ways to Sunday and tell her to have some pride and get her act together. Parker was all over the place or at least that's how those scenes were written – one moment he was sweet and all things romance and the next he was bother line psychotic in his obsession with Callea.

There was a mystery of sorts pulling the books along – and the “who done it” was a real surprise for me as I didn’t see that person as the culprit  - however while that was a surprise the scenes following frizzled out and just became silly to me.

The few support cast introduced were loud, crafty and had an angle to spin at every turn. I was left so disappointed with this book. I must mention that there is a whole lot of sex in this  short piece.. and with too many people.




Roadside Strangers

Marie Rochelle

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Sienna is running away from a bad situation and really just needs some time to herself when she becomes stranded on a lonely road in the dead of winter. With little option open to her but to accept the help of a stranger on his way home she does but not without some trepidation of being alone in parts unknown with a sexy stranger.

Sounds good – well it only goes downhill from there. I really wanted to like this story but with no real character development and a plotline that moved in terms of minutes rather than weeks or month –I was doing the whole roll eyes thing alot.

Sienna was lippy right from the moment I met her – I never really got or believed her life story especially the living with the boyfriend part of the story. She was really all drama and was all about insta-love – and I can see how she got into her problem if this was how she was with all her love interest.

Jacob Powers is the stranger that comes to Sienna rescue, nice hunky man living all along on the outskirts of town – what's not to love, did I mention he was rich as well and most humble about it. Jacobs handling of his emotional feeling for Sienna was very disturbing for me – quick to anger and at times I felt like he was talking down to Sienna and he came back too quick with the apologies.

The timeline of the whole book was my main issue with this book- Within the pace of a few hours – they meet, they connect, they break all their life long rules in regards to sex and relationship and then the “L” word comes into play… **rolls eyes**

This was a quick read and if you are fan of this authors work you’ll probably get the story. New readers you will have issues…

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