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Chapter One


Gabriel had been sitting at the desk in his living room when the door to his apartment went flying open and Nate came rushing through the door. He was still wearing his apron and slightly covered in flour when he entered. Without a single word, he all but flew over to Gabriel's desk, waving something in his right hand.


“I know I've said this like a hundred times, but just because you have a key doesn't mean you don't have to at least knock.”


“It wasn't as if I didn't know if you were home or not.”


“Not the point, Nate. I could have been naked or something.”


Nate laughed as he parked himself on the edge of Gabe's desk. When he finished his laughter, he gave Gabe a look that indicated his feelings towards any nakedness that Gabe might have been in. “It's almost ten o'clock in the morning, you've been dressed since six and you know it. In the nearly ten years that I've known you, I've never seen you in pajamas past eight o'clock, including the morning after your twenty-first birthday, Gabriel.”


“That's so not the point,” Gabe responded and then went back to the laptop in front of him. “Was there something you wanted?”


“I got the mail this morning and this was in it.” Nate pushed a neon green flier in between Gabe's face and the laptop screen. It took a second for his eyes to adjust to the words on the paper.


“A free psychic reading?” Gabe squinted and then looked at Nate. “Why would I want to know about this?”


“Because you can get your own free psychic reading! It's only a few blocks away from here too! Psychics give all sorts of good love advice.”


“I'm going to go with no on this one, but thanks for the offer.” Gabe pushed the paper away from his screen.


"Come on, Gabe, why don't you give it a try?"


Nate waved the flier in front of Gabe's face again, but this time Gabe grabbed it out of his hand, crinkling the paper. "Because I'm not desperate or insane enough to see a psychic."


"It's free!" Nate grabbed the paper out of his hands, smoothing it out and holding it up. "And it's addressed to and I quote, "Those In Need Of Advice." That sure as hell sounds like you."


"Yeah, me and everyone else." Gabe rolled his eyes and took back the flier. "I'm pretty sure they sent this out to random people in the mail who will see it and think all their problems will be solved by a free psychic reading. They'll get sucked into it and before you know it, they are dropping hundreds of dollars a month just to be told some fortune cookie advice from a gypsy." He crumpled the flier in his hand and tossed it into the waste basket next to the desk. He turned back to his laptop and began typing away, eyes not going back to Nate.


"Fine. You can be that way, then." Nate paused and reached his hand out toward Gabe's shoulder. "You know, you're just going to end up old and alone if you don't start becoming an active participant in your own love life. There's only so much us innocent bystanders can do before it's too late."


Gabe paused, his fingers hovering over the keys before turning his head to look back at Nate. “I am an active participant in my own love life; it's everyone else that's the problem. It's not like I don't go to those stupid bar things every time you feel like watching me fail miserably. I met guys, but they are either closeted or only looking for a quickie in the back room. You know that's not what I'm looking for here, Nate. I'm going to be thirty soon; I'm not going to have a series of relationships that all revolve around alleys and secrets.”


“You're only twenty-seven, Gabriel; you've got like three more years left. Who's to say being thirty is the end of the world anyway? I'm thirty already and lightning hasn't struck me down for being single. It's not like you're sitting at home with a growing collection of cats. You've got to just keep looking, without being so damn judgmental.” Nate walked over to the garbage can and pulled out the flier, flattening it out and putting it back on the desk next to Gabe's laptop. “Give it a chance. If it turns out to be lame, you didn't pay anything. I promise to keep any gypsies from stealing all of your money or putting a curse on you.”


Gabe looked from the flier to Nate and then back again. “I'll do it if you promise to come with me and not to tell any of our friends where you've forced me to go.”


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© Parker Grey

Taking Chances

Author: Parker Grey

Publisher: Dark Roast Press

Genre: GLBT

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When Gabe met Elijah he thought he was just getting this cards read to find his future "true love".

Elijah thought he was meeting just another client looking for answers where there aren't any.

What they end up finding is all the ways you can fall in love with someone and all the chances you have to take.

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