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Excerpt Day - Sutter's Bay Bk 3: Galaxy's Heart © Shawn Lane




...“Wow,” Galaxy said. “I’ve never known anyone who actually lives on a boat.”


“You do now,” Adam replied. “When my dad died and left the café to me, there was also a house. The house I grew up in, actually. I sold it. It seemed too big for just me and it wasn’t like I was going to get married and raise a family one day. Ever since I was a kid growing up here I liked the idea of living on a boat, so I made the dream happen.”


Galaxy’s lips curved into a sexy smile. “That is so fucking cool.”


“It can get rough when bad storms come in, but I do all right. Maybe you’d like to come over and see it soon.”


Subtle, Adam.


“I would. I think it’d be great. Want more pizza?” Galaxy asked, eyeing Adam’s empty plate.


He’d barely noticed devouring the pizza. “It was really good.”


“Thanks. Want more?”


Adam patted his stomach. “I’m fine. Let me help you clean up.” He rose and picked up the empty plates and the salad bowl and took them to the kitchen. His cock had managed to go down to half-hard but he was pretty sure it would be raring to go with little encouragement.


Galaxy opened the fridge. “Want another beer?”


Adam turned from the sink where he’d set the dishes to see the other man bent over, looking in the fridge. Galaxy’s jeans pulled tight against his rounded ass. And there went Adam’s cock to fully alert. Hard and aching.




“Should be illegal,” he muttered.


Galaxy straightened and glanced over his shoulder. “What did you say?”


“Your ass should be illegal,” Adam joked. “Hokey, yeah, but damn, Galaxy, you have a great ass.”


Galaxy bit his lip and closed the refrigerator door. He took the few steps to the sink until he stood shoe-to-shoe with Adam. “I have to say, I think the same about yours.”


Adam blinked. “Really?”


“Uh-huh.” Galaxy ran his tongue along his bottom lip. “I was thinking, last time you were inside me. Maybe this time…”


He swallowed as the man’s voice trailed off, his tone low and warm. His cock got harder, if that were possible. Wrapping his arms around Galaxy’s waist, Adam brought their bodies together and he took Galaxy’s mouth in a searing kiss.


Galaxy reached around to curve a hand over Adam’s right butt cheek. Adam felt the hard ridge of Galaxy’s arousal as he rubbed their crotches together.


“Shall we pick up where we left off here, or would you prefer somewhere more private?” Galaxy broke the kiss to ask.


“Private. Your bedroom?”


Galaxy stepped back and grabbed his hand. “This way.”


He led Adam down a long hallway to a bedroom on the right. Inside stood a queen-sized bed, a couple of nightstands, and a dresser. There was also a large picture window covered with closed mini-blinds.


He watched Galaxy start to strip, mesmerized by the sexy man’s natural grace as he pulled the shirt over his head, revealing beautifully sculpted pecs and six-pack abs. God, he’d be drooling soon.


Galaxy raised an eyebrow. “You gonna take yours off, or you want me to rip your shirt from your body?”


“Damn.” He undid his shirt buttons as quickly as he could, his fingers fumbling as they went.


How long had it been since he’d been fucked? A couple of years, probably. His last few sexual partners had all bottomed. He sure hoped Galaxy had plenty of lube.


His gaze focused on the other man as Galaxy shimmied his jeans down his graceful legs, while Adam’s own hands worked the snaps and zipper of his pants.


“Why are you way over there?” Galaxy demanded.


Realizing he was far away, Adam crossed the room and pulled Galaxy close. “Fuck me.”


“On the bed,” Galaxy said hoarsely.


Before Adam could lie on the mattress, Galaxy pounced. Adam crashed to the bed, stomach down, the other man’s body covering his. Searing kisses rained over his bare back. Closing his eyes, Adam let the sensations wash over him. He spread his legs, raising his ass just a bit as Galaxy’s tongue trailed down his spine...


© Shawn Lane


Galaxy's Heart

Sutter's Bay Bk 3

Author: Shawn Lane

Publisher: Amber Allure

Genre: GLBT

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Ten years ago, Galaxy Winthrop had a one-night stand with the hottest guy ever. Galaxy also remembered one other thing from that night—the man's mention of the Northern California town, Sutter's Bay, where he once lived. Now, Galaxy has made it his mission to save his troubled little brother, Leo. The once-bright, bubbly kid has become sullen, quiet, and despondent. The quaint, picturesque Sutter's Bay seems the perfect location to start a new life for himself and Leo.

Adam Colfer returned to Sutter's Bay to run his dad's diner after his passing. He'd thought he'd left the town behind when he moved to San Francisco, but it seemed Sutter's Bay had other plans. The last person Adam expects to find in his little burb is Galaxy. After an explosive night of sex with Galaxy a decade earlier, Adam had awoken to an empty bed. But now Galaxy is in Sutter's Bay, with a troubled brother in tow, and Adam can't help but wonder if this is his second chance to win Galaxy's heart.


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Wow. That's steamy. Will have to check this one out.

Chris on 19 May 2011 at 14:08 said...

I enjoyed this one.