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Excerpt Day – Boss Man © Sierra Summers





Chapter One


Penny Lane handed her overcoat to the coat check girl and took her claim ticket, then opened her rhinestone-studded clutch and tossed it inside. She rubbed her icy hands together trying to gather some warmth. February in Michigan could be brutal and tonight was no different.


Even the foyer of Deidre’s annual Valentine’s Day Ball couldn’t escape the bitter winds, and Penny shivered in her long gown. She looked at the white ornate doors and knew that inside real warmth awaited her. She moseyed up to the small bar just outside the ballroom and joined her best friend Wendy.


“Deidre outdid herself this year,” the tall, curvaceous brunette commented. It was true. Each year the Ball drew a larger crowd and this year it had been moved to the elegant Tanner Temple. Penny had never been to the Tanner, but had heard enough stories over the years to know how expensive and exclusive the place was.


Normally, her job as an executive assistant would preclude an invitation to such exclusive events, but Deidre had been one of her closest friends since high school.


“Champagne.” She accepted the tall flute filled with pale gold liquid from a shirtless waiter.


“Oh my God, he is so hot,” Wendy cooed as the waiter sauntered away, the muscles in his arms and back a stunning sculpture. In true Deidre style, the waiters were all shirtless and gorgeous.


“Yes he is, but there are a lot more like him on the other side of that door.” Penny sipped slowly from her glass. She was in the mood to play this evening.


“I know, and they all love curvy girls like us.” Wendy countered, touching her glass to Penny’s.


She’d waited all year for this particular event. To the normal outsider it was another fancy ball, but those invited year after year knew differently. This night was the chance to fulfill fantasies. From kissing a stranger to more fruitful activities. Her thighs quivered just imagining what awaited her on the other side of the door.


She’d been on a dry streak for longer than she wanted to admit. Sure, it was mostly self-imposed, but only because she refused to compromise on what she truly desired. She no longer wanted the quiet, shy kind of lover she usually attracted. No, she wanted a self-assured, take-charge kind of man to drive her insane with lust. She was tired of faking her orgasms and only achieving them with her battery-operated boyfriend.


“You look great, by the way.” Wendy’s voice dragged her back to the present.


“Thanks. You look beautiful too.”


Wendy shrugged her shoulders. “I’m lucky I found this dress.”


What a dress it was. Her friend looked wonderful in her short, fire-engine-red silk sheath. Her short brown hair was blown straight and highlighted strong high cheekbones.


Penny felt beautiful as well. She wasn’t used to wearing such a formfitting dress, but the moment she saw the baby-blue gown she knew it belonged to her.


The bodice was cut low and showed just enough cleavage to entice. Blue and white rhinestones covered the front and back of the sleeveless bodice. She’d curled her long chestnut hair and piled it on top of her head, accentuating the style with tiny little crystals. Stray curls drifted along her jawline, almost tickling, but not quite. Yeah, she felt damned good about how she looked.


“I’m ready.” She smiled, turning toward the door. Wendy grabbed her hand and held it as they entered the main ballroom.


The scenery took her breath away. The walls were covered in white satin and blue velvet. The statue of David was life sized and carved in ice. Penny could have sworn that the real statue’s cock wasn’t as large as it was in ice, but that only added to the magnificence of the piece. Endless bottles of wine and champagne flanked both sides of the table with several waiters on hand to refill empty glasses.


A large buffet filled with succulent foods lined one side of the room. Gold silk ropes hung from the ceiling attached to gold bars. Scantily clad women hung from the trapezes, posing in seemingly impossible sexual positions while swinging.


The lighting was low but she could see clearly. There was a large dance area and plenty of seating, but it was the back of the ballroom that captured her attention.


An open doorway framed in pale blue lights beckoned. The play area was specially designed for those who wished to take their flirtations to another level.


Deidre ensured every guest had been completely vetted prior to invitation. Everyone knew the rules--safe, sane and consensual play--and anyone who broke them suffered the consequences.


Penny trusted her good friend and always loved participating in an evening of sexual games. Most of the encounters were for the night only, but there were more than a few couples who ended up in meaningful relationships that lasted a lifetime.


Penny usually only attended one event, though they were held several times throughout the year. This was the first event she’d come to in over two years. After her wicked breakup with Paul six months ago, she hadn’t felt like getting out, and work had been a bear. Her company’s new president, Dante Parker, was a slave driver and expected everyone to be at his beck and call. The hefty raise he’d given his employees helped ease the pain a little, but there were times she resented the hell out of him.


Penny didn’t even work directly for him; she worked for his personal assistant Kale, who was determined to prove her worth. Her normally calm, cool friend had turned into a nightmare on heels, but she ignored most of Kale’s mood swings. Penny couldn’t imagine the amount of pressure Dante was putting on her. The past they shared, but he didn’t remember, gave her other reasons for needing time away from work but she wasn’t about to ruin the evening wallowing in memories.


Two men approached the women. Both were handsome, one blond, the other dark. Wendy smiled as the one with the olive complexion and blinding white smile stopped in front of her. He offered her his hand and they took off to the dance floor. She looked back and winked. “Catch you later, Penny.”


“Penny, it is?” the blond asked. He took her hand and brought it to his perfectly sculpted lips. He grazed her hand and it felt like she’d been branded by fire.


“And you are?” she asked.


Brilliant green eyes sparkled beneath a fringe of to-die-for lashes. “Andrew. Andrew Dawson. Would you like to dance?”


He didn’t wait for her reply; looping her arm through his and leading her to the dance floor. The music was slow and lazy and set the pace. He wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her close. His hand settled dangerously close to her ass and she reveled in the sensation of being held by such a strong, gorgeous man.


He was truly beautiful, model kind of beautiful, his skin perfectly tanned and smooth as butter. A strong jaw and square chin were topped off by a haphazard hairstyle. He made Penny wet.


Planting her hand flat along his hard chest she shuddered. He moved her in a small circle, pressing his hand on the small of her back so there was no mistaking what had grown hard against her belly.


“You’re a truly beautiful woman,” he whispered.


His breath smelled like hot cinnamon and she definitely wanted a taste.


Rising a little on her toes, she brushed a kiss to his lips, running her mouth back and forth. She tried to move back down but he held her still. “You can’t just tease a man like that and stop.”


His mouth moved over hers, his tongue in the lead. She opened to him immediately, and moaned. He did taste like cinnamon as he stroked her tongue with his. His kiss was thorough and unhurried. She wanted to swallow him up but he was determined to keep the kiss long and drawn out. By the time his mouth left hers she was breathless and ready to drag him to the floor.


Neither of them said anything as he pulled her to his chest and they continued the dance. Penny reveled in the heat his body was producing as well as the other changes rolling through her.


After two more slow torturous dances they stopped. “So, would you like to explore?” She knew exactly what he meant and he wasn’t talking about the tables filled with food.


“Oh yeah.” She giggled. He didn’t wait for any further reply as he led her to the back of the ballroom.


He guided her through a set of heavy blue velvet curtains. The dimly lit room was lined with plump couches where several couples were seated. Some were talking, others kissing and still others going further. He walked down the open hallway and stopped in front of a door. Penny held her breath. While she’d kissed other men before on the couches, even getting in some heavy-duty petting, she’d rarely entered the small private rooms usually provided.


The room, like the hallway, was backlit but still dark. Andrew grabbed her wrists. “I want you.” His sensual voice wrapped around her like pure velvet. His hands slid up her arms with deliberate wicked slowness until they reached the top of her shoulders. His thumbs stroked over her collarbone. “Tell me, Penny, have you ever dreamed of making love with two men?”


The questioned shocked her. At first she was dumbstruck, then she thought about it and the truth was she had indeed fantasized about being with two men. The very idea of being touched by two sets of hands had her pussy aching.


He squeezed her gently. “Tell me.” He commanded, his tone driving straight through her tummy.


“Yes. Yes I have.” Did she really just say that?


“And what do you fantasize about when you think of it?”


“I imagine one man behind me, his hands on my nipples.” Oh shit, was that her voice purring?


“Is the other one in front of you with his hands between your thighs?”


She nodded.


He laughed. “Perfect.”


Another presence moved behind her. Her back was bathed in heat as a separate pair of hands found her waist.


Andrew cupped her face. “It’s your choice, beautiful. You can say no at any time, but if you choose my friend and me, we’ll give you more pleasure than you can dream of.”


His hot breath whispered across her cheek, crawling up her neck. The other set of hands slid up her sides and back down. She turned her head to allow Andrew access to the sensitive skin of her throat. His tongue snaked out to lave the vulnerable flesh.


“Yes,” she whispered. “Yes, I want this.”


He stepped back. “Wonderful, we only have one request, and that is to blindfold you.”


“Why do I need to be blindfolded?”


“My friend is a bit...shy. Besides, I promise you’ll enjoy not knowing when and where you’re going to be touched.” His fingertips skimmed across the bodice of her dress. Her nipples were so hard they ached.


“So what shall it be?” He was giving her an out, but Penny knew she wasn’t about to walk out the door, not with her body on fire. She wanted to know the touch of two men. Wanted to know if Andrew and his mystery friend could fulfill the promise of pleasure he’d made.


Penny placed her hands on the ones moving up and down her ribcage, locking fingers with the stranger and leaning against him.


Andrew looked behind her. “I guess we have our answer.” He removed a handkerchief from his suit pocket and placed it over her eyes, tying it securely behind her head.


The hands on her flanks moved to the back of her dress. She shivered as the zipper slid down. Goose bumps rose as each inch of her naked skin was revealed.


Andrew quickly pulled the front of her dress down. The moment the cool air hit her breasts her nipples puckered even tighter.


“Damn buddy, she has the most perfect nipples,” Andrew whispered. Penny cried out as she was turned around.


The other man’s mouth latched onto one breast, covering it with his tongue, surrounding her nipple, pulling it deeply into his mouth before flicking it with his tongue. She reached out blindly, finding a thick head of hair. She threaded her fingers through it and held on tight. His tongue was pure silk and he licked slowly back and forth over one nipple before moving on to the next.


Behind her, Andrew pulled her dress to the floor. “No panties? You’re a bad girl, Penny.” He laughed lightly. His hands covered her ass, squeezing and rubbing before running his finger down the crack between her cheeks. She let out a yelp as the tip of his finger delved a little deeper, touching the tight entrance.


“Bad girls get spankings.” The light slap to her ass startled her but the slight sting warmed and spread as he rubbed the spot.


Before she could react, her mystery lover pulled her other nipple deeply in his mouth. His teeth grazed the tips, nipping and biting. The surprise of his teeth pinching her was a lightning rod to her already sensitized body. Immediately he soothed her breasts with the full of his tongue. She loved the dual sensations. Both men had given her a taste of pain, only to ease it with a stroke of their hand or mouth.


One hand tickled along her belly and moved between her thighs. In other circumstances she might have been embarrassed by how wet she was. But here there were no reasons to worry. In the dark her wiggles and jiggles didn’t show. Her pale stretch marks were invisible and she felt like the most desirable woman on the planet.


A long finger pushed through her wet folds and circled her clit. If Andrew hadn’t been behind her, Penny’s knees would have buckled as the mystery man slid a second finger in and traced her entrance.


Emboldened, she reached out and ran her hand down the front of him, sliding further down his body until she encountered his rigid cock straining behind his dress pants. Andrew pushed up against her and ground his impressive erection in the small of her back.


“You feel so damn soft, so hot and ready. Are you ready for us?” Andrew’s wicked tongue licked her ear before he took a sharp nip.


Her unknown lover gripped her hand and helped her to roll down his zipper. She reached inside, touching velvety hard flesh. His hissed and bit her nipple harder. Behind her she heard the rip of a foil packet and Andrew’s retreat as he rolled on a condom. Andrew grasped her ass cheeks and pulled them open.


His cock moved in and she spread her thighs wider to allow him full entry


“Mmm... That’s good, open for me.” Andrew whispered. Guiding himself into her, he pushed slowly until his thick mushroom head filled her pussy. His lips nipped and licked her throat and along her shoulders. “I can’t believe how fucking wet you are.” He thrust forward, filling her completely. He stroked in and out in a slow, burning rhythm.


She moved her hand up and down the shaft of the mystery man in front of her. He bucked his hips in tandem with her movements. She’d never felt such empowerment in her entire life. One man was fucking her smooth and deep while the other rubbed her clit and kept his mouth on her breasts, never letting go of one nipple long enough for her to keep her breath. It was an exercise in euphoria and she was bound and determined to enjoy every single second of it.


“Damn woman, you’re so tight.” Andrew ground out between clenched teeth. He increased the pace. “My friend, you wouldn’t believe how soft she is. She’s fucking squeezing me like a vise.” Andrew’s hands dug into her waist and he pumped harder. One hand slapped her ass a little harder with each successive thrust.


She tightened her hands around the other man’s cock and worked it, matching the rhythm Andrew was setting in her body. The room echoed as the three of them moaned and cried out. Andrew whispered dirty little words that only took Penny higher as he dared her to come.


The man in front of her removed her hand and she no longer felt his presence. It lasted only for a second as his hot breath blew across her thighs. He opened her pussy wide and smacked her bare flesh. Her shock was quieted when his wet, hot tongue stroked over her tight clit.


“Oh yes!” she screamed as he continued to torture her. He licked around her clit before sucking it deeply into his mouth. His teeth grazed her delicate bud to the point that tears threatened to flow if he continued to torment her in such an exquisite way.


“Mmm... You like having that pussy licked. He’s lucky, eating all that sweet honey.” Penny only managed a nod as one of Andrew’s hands grabbed her breast tight. Words escaped her as she sunk into the hot pleasure enveloping her.


“Want to come, pretty lady?” Andrew whispered, tweaking her nipple.


“Dear God, yes.” She was panting.


“You have to ask, sweetness.” He stopped moving, and at the same time her stranger stopped licking her pussy.


“Please, can I come?” She didn’t care; she’d say anything in order to keep both men moving on her body.


“Good girl.” Andrew took off at a blistering pace while the stranger at her feet licked the tip of her clit over and over. Every nerve in her body was on fire as they drove her further and deeper into bliss. She urged them on with words of her own, begging and pleading for completion.


Her thighs shook and her stomach tightened as she dove headfirst into an orgasm that had her seeing spots. She rode out the wave until every touch she received caused her tiny little aftershocks.


When her body calmed down, Andrew removed the blindfold and pulled up her dress. Penny was confused. She knew he hadn’t come, and she wasn’t able to tell if the other man had either.


She tried to reach behind her to grab at Andrew, wanting to give him the same kind of relief she’d received.


He took her hand and gently kissed it. “This was for you, Sweets. We only wanted to give you pleasure.”


She swallowed hard, not sure whether to take it as a compliment or an insult. “It doesn’t feel right.” And it didn’t. Penny always took her greatest pleasure in making her lovers enjoy sex as much as she did.


“Don’t worry, you’ll get your opportunity to return the favor.” She turned away from Andrew. In the dark she didn’t even know where the other man was now.


“Oh really?” She wasn’t opposed to having another evening like this, several more in fact.


“I think we all would like another chance to play.”


Suddenly the room was bathed in soft light. It took a moment for her eyes to adjust to even the dim light.


Andrew tipped her chin up. “You are quite beautiful. Your skin is all flushed, your lips swollen. Dante, come take a look at her.”


Penny’s heated satisfaction was doused by ice-cold reality. It couldn’t be. There was no way in hell... She held back the tears that filled her eyes as she listened to footsteps approaching.


“Turn around, Ms. Lane.”


She closed her eyes. Fuck me! This was so not happening to her. She froze, unable to turn around.


“Dante, what the hell is going on?”


“Turn around, Penny.”


Anger wiped her embarrassment clean. It swirled red-hot in her belly as she turned to face the man who’d made her work-life dreadful over the past three months.


God, why did he have to look so beautiful? His lips were glistening and she felt herself flush crimson, knowing it was her juices wetting his mouth. She trembled as he stepped to her, raising one finger to trace her mouth.


Penny was catapulted back to her senior year in high school.


“Good job on the set.” Dante smiled as they sat on the edge of the stage.


“Thanks. We finally finished at ten last night.” She was way too shy to actually try out for a part in their school’s many productions. Instead she worked on building the sets, setting the lights--anything to be near Dante Parker.


“You were awesome tonight.” She couldn’t meet his eyes as she complimented him on his starring performance.




“Hey Dante, come on, the party’s at Amy’s house tonight.” Becca Hatten, head cheerleader and Dante’s current girlfriend, stood in the auditorium door.


He turned back to Penny. “Hey, I gotta go. Thanks again for the help with geometry. Coach says if I keep it up I’ll be off academic probation.” He leaned over and kissed her cheek before hopping off the stage and joining Heather. Penny sat there, reliving that small kiss, knowing in her heart she would never love a man the way she loved Dante Parker.


In the here and now, he leaned down and gave her a chaste kiss against her cheek, just like he had over fifteen years ago. He straightened up and smiled. His perfect white teeth were more than she could deal with and she drew her hand back, slapping him across the face. Stepping quickly around him, she ran from the room.




“What the hell?”


Dante wanted to ignore Andrew’s question and go after Penny but thought better of it. She was entirely too pissed to approach.


He should have planned this better. He was no stranger to Deidre’s parties. His cousin had always been a wild child and she’d grown into an even wilder woman.


“I know her.”


“I figured that out. Who is she?” His buddy was pissed.


Dante winced. “Kale’s assistant.”


Andrew ran his fingers through his thick blond hair. “Tell me you’re fucking joking.”


Dante crossed his arms, not really paying attention to his best friend’s growing anger. His mind was still on Penny. Her total abandon during sex, the way she’d reveled in the rougher side of it. Just the way he liked it.


“Tell me you didn’t plan this ahead of time. Tell me that Dante, or I swear I’ll break your expensive-ass dental work.”


Dante faced Andrew. “I didn’t know she’d be here, if that’s what you’re asking.”


“But you sure as hell knew who she was when you pointed her out to me and sent me in, didn’t you?”


He shrugged, not bothering to deny it. He hadn’t come to Deirdre’s party tonight thinking he’d see Penny, he’d just needed to unwind a little. Work had been brutal since he’d taken over and he needed to get away from the accounts he was desperately trying to salvage.


It honestly never occurred to him that she and Deidre were still friends nor did the prospect of her coming to one of these parties ever enter his mind.


The moment the Penny walked through the wide double doors she’d taken his breath away. The only thought running through his brain was to get her in a room and have a taste--just a small one. He’d wanted to satisfy a curiosity he’d held onto since high school. What he hadn’t counted on was deciding to turn on the lights and let her know who he was.


He could have kept the damn things off and that would have been the end of it. But one taste of her sweet body changed everything. It was unexpected, unwanted and he was now unable to forget. Hell, he hadn’t even been inside her. His old college roommate had that particular pleasure and he was jealous as hell.


“What do you think will happen if she tells Kale? Or if she decides to sue your ass?”


Dante sighed. There was more that Andrew didn’t understand concerning Penny and he wasn’t in the mood to explain. It sounded lame when he thought about it; he certainly wasn’t going to vocalize anything.


“She won’t tell Kale. Besides, Kale wouldn’t give a damn as long as Penny stayed with her.” Kale depended on Penny for everything and she was the reason he’d raised Penny’s salary as much as he had. Of course if Penny left the company the other woman would have his nuts in a jar.



He needed to think and think hard. The truth was, a few stolen moments with Penny weren’t going to be enough. He’d known the teenage girl who carried her crush for him on her sleeve. He wanted to know the woman she was today. The hard-working woman with an easy smile and lush body made just for him.


Several different emotions passed over his friend’s face.


“If you want her I’ll back off.” He couldn’t believe he was offering and wished the words back as soon as he’d spoken them.


“How generous of you,” Andrew scoffed. “I don’t play games with a woman or her emotions, pal. Penny is lovely and delicious and feels damn good, but you know me, I’m not a forever kind of man.”


“I know that, but do you still want her?” Even as he asked the question he was confident in his friend’s answer.


“I’d love to spend more nights enjoying her body and her company. Why?”


“Because I want her in a more permanent way and while I like to share with you, I don’t want you getting any ideas other than playing.”


Andrew shook his head in disbelief. “Do you really think after this little play of yours she’s going to let either one of us near her?”


“I didn’t come here with the intention of any of this happening, but now that it has I don’t know if I can let go.”


“Fine. I’ll bite, but I won’t be a part of you deceiving her. You better be up-front on this deal or I’m out of here.”

Dante nodded. He wouldn’t force Penny into anything nor would he make her feel as if her job depended on it.

“So how the hell do you intend to even get the woman to look at you again?”


He didn’t answer Andrew because at the moment he had no fucking clue.


© Sierra Summers


Boss Man

Author: Sierra Summers

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

Genre: Ménage

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Penny Lane has had it rough at work. Her new boss is a slave driver, so she decides to attend an exclusive party, desperately needing to blow off some steam.

There she meets Andrew, a hunky blond, and decides to take him up on his offer for some mutual pleasure, not only to share some time with him but his best friend as well. Penny is more than happy to play along. There is a twist to his proposal and she ends up blindfolded. She spends a few sweet hours being pleasured by two men. After the blindfold comes off she discovers the mystery man is her employer Dante Parker. She flees, embarrassed and humiliated, but Dante isn't quite through with Penny. He plans on not only continuing their time together but he's also going to show her the hot passion to be found in a little bondage.

He's determined to show Penny how sweet it is to surrender to the Bossman.

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