Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Wednesday Musings – To She who will be missed

A few day ago an author who I have the utmost respect and regard for passed away. She was one of those author who I have always considered to be one of the stalwart of the industry – she wrote my preferred genre (romance suspense) and I have been reading her for years – literally years.

She was old school in quite alot of how she handled herself as a professional.

She will be missed… I’ll miss her..

Beverly Barton (1946 – April 21, 2011)



It was your way, my dear
To be gone without a word
When callers, friends or kin
Had left, and I hastened in
To rejoin you, as I inferred.

And when you'd a mind to career
Off anywhere - say to town -
You were all on a sudden gone
Before I had thought thereon,
Or noticed your trunks were down.

So, now that you disappear
For ever in that swift style,
Your meaning seems to me
Just as it used to be:
"Goodbye is not worthwhile!"

© Thomas Hardy

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The Bookworm on 27 April 2011 at 19:06 said...

Nice tribute to a favorite author.