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Wings of Love

Author - Scotty Cade

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I tried this book for the blurb and for the most part I enjoyed it. Two men at pivotal moments in their respective lives makes a connection.

The story surrounds Brad Mitchell a doctor and Mac Cleary a 46 year old pilot, they meet up when Brad looses his partner of 15 years and goes off into near isolation to the place where he feels he and his late partner had the best of time.

The attraction to Mac was quite unexpected for Brad and I kinda like the way the author gave the inner turmoil that both men went through before they vocally expressed their interest in each other. With a venture to pull them together – they became good friends of sort before they pursue their shared emotional interest.

Their are multi POV in this book which was frustrating at some point – as it slowed the pace some and some of the abrupt switch in  POV actually toss me off track a time or two. The second chance story line of the book was most enjoyable and the GFY was rather sweet I thought – I was rather pleased the author concentrated on the men trying to make their relationship work based on shared interest and life experience rather than sex.

If I had any major niggles with this book it would probably be with the big misunderstanding at the near end of the book, these were mature men, who knew how to deport themselves professionally, being so petty let them down a bit in my eyes. The few “too convenient” scenarios that happened with regards to Mac’s family was also too pat  for me - while it gelled certain portions of the books together, It was just too easy...   

Overall I liked this book alot – there wasn’t an overload of plotline and the Alaskan mountains setting of the book was a definite plus for me. As a new to me author, there is enough positive here to ensure I will be looking out for more from Scotty Cade.



Accidentally His

Author: Shawn Lane

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Ms Lane is a firm favourite of mine and I so like this cute little offering. Two guys ride the bus together for months and it takes an accident for them to make a connection.

Kirk Matheson and Elijah Cartwright are your everyday working stiffs – Kirk is the one who seems the aggressor of the two and from the start of the book he sums up his situation in life rather neatly I thought and goes on to gives a rather sweet description of Elijah, the guy who sits in front of him on the bus who he has had the eye on for a while now, he even goes as far as to label him my nerd – which just pushed this book into cute over load zone for me – I am so easy for stuff like that.

Elijah however comes to the party with the angst and a  little bit of baggage in the form of a brother who has been a curse and a blessing in his  life. Although a short story – the author captured Elijah and Kirk intrepid steps to making a connection rather neatly I thought, she gave them issues that were easily dealt with within the short story time frame and so even with the big misunderstanding making an appearance all the issues they had were dealt with.

This is probably one of the most light-hearted read in this authors repertoire in my opinion, but with crisp scenes and endearing support cast her style is very clear. I do hope she revisit two of the characters in this books – they were rather sweet and brought that added charm to the book.

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4 Speak To Me:

Tam on 27 April 2011 at 15:02 said...

I started the first one and then kind of lost interest. No particular reason I just couldn't seem to get caught up in their world.

I did enjoy the second though. It was a very cute story.

Erotic Horizon on 27 April 2011 at 17:24 said...


I think Cade's laid back style worked for me and the fact that the protags were older just added a little something more to the book for me..

I just picked up another book by the author - hopefully i'll have less to no niggles..

Shawn's work always leave me on a high...I thought Eli friend was too cute... impulsive, but cute..


Chris on 27 April 2011 at 23:17 said...

I enjoyed the second one. Haven't been particularly tempted by the first.

Shawn Lane on 28 April 2011 at 00:38 said...

Thanks EH, Glad you liked it, :)