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Review - Werewolves in Love #1 – 2 © Kinsey W. Holley



Kiss and Kin  (Werewolves in Love #1)

Author: Kinsey W. Holley

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Genre: Paranormal (Werewolves)

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Brotherly love? Oh hell no…

A Sexy Shifter story.

On the surface, court reporter Lark Manning looks like the luckiest girl in the world, blessed with great friends and a wonderful family. Underneath, she harbors a hopelessly unrequited love for the sexy werewolf everyone thinks of as her cousin. Taran rarely notices her except to condescend or lecture. He’s treated her the same way since she was eight years old, and there’s no reason to think he’ll ever change.

Taran Lloyd, a detective in the Houston Police Department’s Shifters Investigations Unit (SHIU), lives for those rare moments he gets to spend around Lark, torturing himself with what he can’t have. Kin only by marriage, she thinks of him as her big brother. He couldn’t bear her pity—or her disgust—if she learned he wants her for his mate.

When weres from a rival pack attack her, Lark screams out the first name that comes to mind—Taran. Only this sexy alpha can keep her safe until they find out who wants her dead, and why. But keeping her safe means keeping her close. And the closer they get, the harder it gets for these not-really-cousins to honor their commitment to keep their paws off.


My Thoughts

On one of my trawls through the Samhain author listing I found this author and as I am a lover of all things wolfy I  decided to give her Werewolves in Love series ago . 

KISS AN KIN was an odd little story for me – coming in at just a little over 80 pages the author packed a whole bunch of happenings into those pages. The main plot line follows Taran and Lark who has always lived as cousin through some family connection – but as these things goes they both have “feeling for each other” which they have never tried to explore as although they are not biologically related – it’s a family thing and both have lusted from afar for years.

For Taran it’s a little bit more difficult as he is a werewolf and Lark is human and his mate as well – using his tough detective persona he keeps himself closed off from any sort of emotional connection with Lark and this has been the status quo between the two until Lark is struck down by foul play by a rival pack.

This one event is the catalyst that moves the book from a sweet average read to just plain all over the place for me. A mystery is introduced – (Girls are being kidnapped  and killed – Taran and his team needs to find them). Taran and Lark also grows closer and starts opening up to each but once again the big misunderstanding pops up and rather than a smooth mating – it goes all pear shaped and just silly for me.

One of the things that really popped out of this book for me was the new spin that the author gave to her wolves, I love when something different is added to the same old same old wolfy thing I love. A few support cast were also introduced and they did their thing but one set came with some sweet angst that makes me wish for their story – even now I have a grin thinking of Nick and TJ.

As a new to me author I will certainly follow up on the second in the series as I want to know more about the world that Ms Holley placed her characters in. As an old hand at the werewolves genre – too much was condensed in too little page time, even with the new spin on the species too much was left unresolved and or wrapped up in haste right at the end of the book.



Yours Mine and Howl  (Werewolves in Love #2)

Author: Kinsey W. Holley

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Genre: Paranormal (Werewolves)

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Sometimes happily ever after is on the wrong side of death’s door.

Thirteen years ago, Ally Kendall died defending her young cousin from his werewolf stepfather.

She hasn’t been the same since.

Ally returned from the hereafter with strange new powers, burdened with the secret of why and how she survived. She managed to scrape her life together and raise her cousin, but now he needs a pack to guide him into adulthood. That means pulling up stakes yet again and heading for Colorado to find the only werewolf qualified for the job. A werewolf, she discovers, who tempts her to give up control in a thousand sinful ways.

Cade MacDougall, Alpha of an unrecognized pack, has a tragic history, a sizable ranch, and a daughter who thinks she’s a cat. Time to find a mate? Don’t make him laugh. Until Ally shows up with a smokin’ hot, preternaturally strong body that smells like mine, and introduces him to a nephew who holds the key to unraveling mysteries about Cade’s family—and himself.

But Ally’s holding something back. As Cade’s enemies gather, the cowboy and his secretive new mate must come clean about their mysterious pasts…or else all hope of protecting their newly formed family—and their future—will be lost.

My Thoughts.

With the odd name of YOURS MINE AND HOWLS, I started the second book in the series and Ms. Holley came back with something a bit different.

The second books in the series is not a plotline follow up to KISS AND KIN, I was introduced to a whole new set of drama and for the most part a whole new pack of wolves.

Ally is the main player in this tale and though only young when I met her – she had a level head and a lot of common sense which she needs taking into consideration the family that she has. When a domestic affair goes horribly wrong Ally is left holding the kid (her cousin) literally and in charge of moving her little band of misfits to a safer place..

The only thing was Ally is meant to have died on that fateful night,  she knew she died, she remembered dying – but she also knew she got a second chance to do one thing, make sure the kid was safe and grew up right.

And this is where the story begins, thirteen years later.  Ally needs to provide for her now teenage charge and her little band of misfits and the only and best person to do that is werewolf Alpha Cade MacDougall who just also happens to be her little boy’s uncle.

Lets just say Cade does not accept Ally with open arms and he was not afraid to say is piece about what was on his mind. Once Ally turned up on his ranch all hell seems to break lose for Cade, with a whole slew of unwanted characters turning up on his doorstep and some rather nasty undercurrent afoot his household was turning into a  circus.

Something had to give and that was the connection between Cade and Ally – despite the suspicions they harboured towards each other, despite the chaos, something clicked between them and they couldn’t resist.

YOURS MINE AND HOWLS was another roller coaster ride of a read, and took some time to for me to settle down to it. After reading this second book I will say that packing alot of drama into her books probably will be apart of Ms Holley style – there is alot of stuff happening that made this read a bumpy journey for me.

The positive

Despite the roundabout way the plot line seemed to go – I liked the author’s style. Her characters had a snarky senses of humour and there was quite a mix of them involved in YOURS MINE AND HOWLS for me to love and hate to my heart content.

The author mixed in some mythology along with the werewolves lore – which I thought was a nice touch.

Loved Cade’s character – Very in-charge of his pack, had a clear idea of how he envisioned the future and did not back down from alot of thing – even when the odds where stacked against him.

Cade’s daughter was a treat and quite alot of the drama surrounded her – if you have issues with kids in books, pass this one by. This little madam had everyone at her beck and call and took up quite a bit of the book.

Really nice smexing… really nice.


The plotline was shrouded in too much secrets and unanswered question for me and carried on for far too long in the book.. I am not a fan of too much secrecy that gets resolved at the last moment.

As mentioned before there was so much happening in this second book – I had to really keep up or I would miss out on what was going on. Some readers might not mind this – but I have problems with books where I have to think too hard.

There was very little development to some of the plotline and this made connecting with the overall story a problem for me.

I mentioned there a mix of mythology laced into the wolf lore – which I enjoyed – but only because I like mythology in general. The mythological name dropping and discussion through the book may toss readers off their game a bit if this in not your thing.

Bottom Line 

I cant say that I close the last page of this book with any deep satisfaction, the bad guys got theirs, Ally and Cade definately got theirs – but I couldn’t connect with the story or most of the characters, they all felt like they were passing through so made no lasting impression on me.

I am hoping the next book in the series will see the two packs from both books connect with a smoother storyline to close off quite alot of the lose ends.

This author does have a certain something that I cant quite put my fingers on to her style that I like – so  I will be looking out for more from her in the future..


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