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Review - The Raines of Wind Canyon Bk 1: Against The Wind © Kat Martin

 Against The Wind

The Raines of Wind Canyon series Bk 1

Author: Kat Martin

Publisher: Mira

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They were known as the "no-account Raines boys" but they've grown into successful, honorable men and everything they have, they've fought for tooth and nail. Now each of the three brothers has one last obstacle to overcome to claim what's eluding them: love.

Secrets don’t stay buried long in cattle country. Sarah Allen,the beautiful girl who humiliated Jackson Raines in high school, is back in town. Not so long ago, she couldn’t wait to leave Wind Canyon, Wyoming, in her dust. But recently widowed, she has nowhere else to go and finds herself on Jackson’s ranch.

Despite everything, Jackson is reluctant to get rid of her. He can’t resist trouble, and Sarah brings her own special kind. Enemies of her dead husband show up on the ranch making threats, thinking she has something they’re owed. They’re not taking no for an answer, but what they will take is the one thing she has left—her daughter—and Jackson may be the only hope she has of getting little Holly home alive.



Jackson walked from the barn toward the cottage, each of his steps leaving a boot-print in the snow.

“Jackson, wait!  Jackson!” 

He turned at the sound of his housekeeper’s voice, saw Livvy Jones running him, her breath huffing out in the cold.

Jackson smiled.  “Take it easy, Liv, you’ll give yourself a heart attack.”

She drew in a panting breath and slowly released it.  “I forgot to tell you--I rented the cottage.”


“We talked about it, remember?  You said we ought to do something with the place instead of just letting it sit there and rot into the ground.”

“Yes, but--”

“You said do something, so I did.”

He lifted his cowboy hat then settled it back down on his forehead.  “All right, I guess that’s fair.”  He looked over at the cottage.  “So who’s the new tenant?”

“Sarah Hollister.  She used to live in Wind Canyon when she was a girl.  She recently lost her husband.  She wanted to come home and I thought this would be the perfect place for her to recover from her loss.”

“Doesn’t sound familiar.”

“She was Sarah Allen when she was a girl.”

Jackson took the news like a sucker punch to the stomach.  Sarah Allen.  Damn, he had known her voice sounded familiar.  Sarah had been two grades behind him in school.  He’d thought she was the prettiest, sweetest girl he had ever seen.

Man, had he been wrong.

Jackson glanced over at the cottage.  He was no longer that same insecure boy who had left Wind Canyon sixteen years ago.  But he would never forget the girl who had made him feel less than a man.  

“You remember her, don’t you?” Livvy asked, breaking into his thoughts.  “She was real pretty, thick dark brown hair and big blue eyes.  She was kind of shy back then.”

“Shy?  I’m afraid that isn’t the Sarah I remember.  And I don’t want her here.”  He started walking toward the cottage, but Livvy caught his arm.

© Kat Martin


My Thoughts

I have been seeing this book on a few blogs for a few weeks now and as the author was new to me I decided to give it a try as I really loved the cover of the books.

The Raines of Wind Canyon is billed as a trilogy and will eventually feature each of the brother Raines’ and their brush with the up and downs of falling in love.

Book one in the series is Jackson’s story and right from the start of this story I was enjoying it. It has all the things I love about a sweet romance in it. Small town boy made good, high school crush revisited years later and a kid alongside more than a hint of danger  hovering in the background.

Jackson is a good guy and in a good place in his life, been there and done that after a less than stellar childhood which I thought the author did a good job of developing through the first half of the book. He meets up with his high school crush Sarah and her daughter years later when she is at one of the lowest point in her life.  After meeting up with Sarah it doesn’t take long for Jackson to realise he doesn’t want to fall into the trap of getting caught up in her again but somehow he cannot resist Sarah and all her baggage.

With some nice build up on the emotional aspect as well as the smexing, I got to know the main protag pretty well before they had to make any harsh decisions about what was happening around them. A mystery follows Sarah and not the good kind, with short scenes that really  didn’t do the importance of the situation justice in my opinion and Ms Martin also used this mystery to introduce the other Raines brothers into the storyline.

If you are a readers that have issues with protags taking the law into their own hands or totally by-passing the police and scenarios that take a stretch of the imagination you will have issues with this book. For the most part I chalk this up to “I am in Ms. Martin’s world” and went with it.

Meeting Jackson’s siblings was probably the best part of the book for me – as they were two totally different characters and with one a “live for today” sort of personality and the other “Mr too serious” it was a fun meeting.

Other than the fact that Sarah tried too hard at being independent and cave too easily when Jackson came sniffing around along with a few other TSTL moments – I had no major niggles with this first book. The background on the brothers was nicely done and despite being condense to the basic I knew enough about all three brother to made me really want to know the other two’s story. 


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