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Excerpt Day – Temptation in Lingerie © Gina Gordon



“Was the evening not what you expected?”


“Aleks! You scared me.” Here she was trying to think of a plan to get Aleks into her bed and there he stood, sexy as hell, not ten feet from it.


“Sorry. I just thought I would check on you.” He twisted his body so his shoulder blocked some of her bedroom doorway.


“You don’t have to do that. I’m not fifteen anymore.” No matter how much she loved him--correction--lusted after him, she still didn’t appreciate his over-protective nature.


“Old habits are hard to break.”


Habits? Didn’t he mean brotherly obligation.


“Early night?” Aleks was coaxing for information. Did her brother put him up to this?


“I have to prepare for the weekend.”


“So he didn’t get any?”


“That’s none of your business.” For as much as Carrie would love to give the play-by-play, as many times as she had heard Aleks recount his female affairs, she couldn’t.


Brushing past him, she entered her room. He followed behind her and grabbed her elbow, twirling her around. A six foot two frame of all man bracketed her against the wall. He positioned one hand above her head and the other against his side, fist clenched.




“You shouldn’t go out with a guy like that.”


He was close. Carrie could feel his minty breath caressing her jaw line. “Oh yeah. Why not?”


“Because that guy isn’t good for you.”


“Really? And what type of guy is good for me?” Carrie looked into his dark green eyes. The same eyes she had been fantasizing about since she was ten years old while she waited for the moment when Aleks would finally say I’m the one you should be with. That’s all Carrie ever wanted to hear. From him. From Aleks.


She could feel her nipples harden under her tiny t-shirt. So much for her plan. He had her tied up in knots.


“He tried to impress you, didn’t he?”




“Your date. He pulled out all the stops trying to impress you, thinking that would get you into his bed. Where did he take you?”


“To the harbor, a dinner boat cruise.” His presence stole the very breath she needed to keep herself standing.


His laugh was mischievous. Sexy. Arrogant. Typical. “He doesn’t even know you. I hope you didn’t sleep with him.” Aleks had never spoken to her that way. Giving her advice on who she should sleep with.


“What do you care?”


“Oh, Care Bear.” He had called her that since they were kids. She loved the way it sounded rolling off his tongue. “A guy doesn’t need fancy boats and dinners to impress you. A causal night out with beer and sloppy food, maybe a sporting event, that’s what makes you tick.”


“Well, Obi-Wan…is that what you would do?”


“Hell, yes! If I had the opportunity to take you out I would definitely not blow it with a boat cruise. Cheesy.” He elongated the word to get his point across.


“I guess I’ve been dating the wrong guys.”


“I think you have. You should do something about that, Care Bear.” He ran his finger along the round collar of her shirt. Her quick intake of breath caused him to lift his eyes. They grew dark. Something was different. They were almost lustful. But just as quick as the intensity appeared it disappeared. With a smirk, he backed away and whispered, “Good night.”


©  Gina Gordon


Temptation in Lingerie

Author: Gina Gordon

Publisher: Lyrical Press

Genre: Romance/Erotica

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Are you willing to risk it all and give in to temptation?

Carrie Taylor can't believe her luck.  Along with her own lingerie line she's now the proud owner of Satin and Lace, a specialty lingerie store.  She has everything she’s ever wanted...except Aleks Turko.  After a lifetime spent pining over the man she can never have, Carrie decides to take back her love life.  Vowing to get him out of her system once and for all, she propositions Aleks for a one night stand.

Growing up without a mother and with an uncommunicative father, Aleks Turko sought comfort in the arms of the Taylor family. As an adult, he now has everything he needs - a second family, good friends, and a bottomless barrel of women. But over the last few months vivid, sexual thoughts about Carrie have become a regular occurrence.  He's managed to keep his urges at bay, but when he walks in on her wearing one of her lacy designs, all bets are off.

When what was supposed to be a one-time affair snowballs into a battle of wills, Carrie and Aleks must decide if they should risk everything and give in to temptation.

Contains explicit language, sex and an unorthodox use of a fitting room.

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