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Excerpt Day - Taming Jenna © Stacey Espino




Trevor leaned in and sucked her clit until she squealed for him to stop. He didn’t know how much longer he could hold off. Jenna’s beautiful naked body was laid out before him like a banquet, and he wanted to sample every part of her.


“She can’t handle having her pussy sucked?” Conner removed his pants and sat on the bench behind her head. “That’s pathetic and deserves punishment.”


“Conner,” Trevor warned.


“Didn’t she tell you that she loves to get spanked?” Conner helped her sit up, and then stand. Although Trevor wasn’t into kink like Conner, the idea piqued his interest.    


When Conner patted his lap, his cock jutting out from between his legs, Jenna didn’t hesitate to lie over his thighs, her ripe, round ass kissing the open air. He began to rub her flesh in firm circles, and Jenna ground her pussy against his leg in response.




Trevor half expected Jenna to let loose a string of curses, but she only moaned in pleasure, wiggling her ass for more. Whack! Whack! Whack! Even in the dim lighting, Trevor could see her milky white ass turning a pretty pink. Conner twisted and lay over the bench, pulling Jenna atop him as he shifted. Now straddling his waist, she rose up on her feet and pulled the dildo free, dropping it to the ground. Then she impaled herself over Conner’s ready cock.


Trevor always loved bringing women back to the tack room, especially the ones that didn’t mind sharing their body with a group of cowboys. The more, the merrier, in his opinion. But as he watched Jenna ride Conner, her full breasts bouncing temptingly, he realized he’d never be able to share her with other men from the crew. He also became aware that he wasn’t just in this for cheap thrills. He wanted more than sex, more than a few nights of pleasure from Jenna. Wagner was right—it was love. It burned inside him and left no doubt in his heart.


Now it was time to make their triad official. Just Jenna, Conner, and Trevor. He lubed up his cock and straddled the bench behind Jenna. He pushed her down against Conner with a palm to her back and positioned his dick at her tight rosette. Trevor had deflowered too many women to remember, but nothing could compare to this. He pressed the head of his cock inside her using firm, consistent pressure.


“Remember the butt plug? Just push against him and relax,” said Conner, who now began to kiss Jenna. She whined and grunted in discomfort as he worked his way into her tight nether hole. Once fully seated, he took a much-needed cleansing breath and allowed her time to adjust to his cock filling her ass. Damn, she was tight.


“How does it feel to have my dick in your ass?” He gripped her hips, squeezing the soft flesh as he waited like a horse at the starting gates.


She said nothing, but her breathing changed from rapid to controlled, and he knew it was only a matter of minutes until her body accepted him. He reached between her body and Conner’s to play with her clit. The added stimulation would put her over the edge, allow her to relax and enjoy what they planned to give her.


“Both our cocks are inside you, Jenna. Be a good girl and tell me how that feels.” Conner hadn’t thrust once since Trevor joined them, maintaining herculean control considering the temptation sitting on his cock.


“Tight. Full.”


“Do you want us to double fuck you now?”


She nodded, and they began to work her, slowly and rhythmically, until she was grinding against them and begging for more. They took turns, working together, double-teaming. Trevor and Conner seemed to work like a well-oiled machine, as if they were meant to have Jenna sandwiched between them. He could feel the other man’s cock sliding against his, only a thin membrane between them. 


Nothing could compare to sharing a woman, especially when love was involved. Trevor held no animosity for Conner. Their ménage felt natural and right.


“You’re fucking tight, darlin’. I love it.” Trevor was too close to the edge. He needed Jenna to finish before him, so held off. Feeling her ass clamp around him, her body so stuffed with cock, had his sanity hanging on by a thread.


“Oh, God, it’s happening,” she cried. “Everything’s getting warm. It’s building inside me—”


“Let loose, sweetheart. Embrace it. Focus on that pleasure point inside you and let it take over.”


© Stacey Espino


Taming Jenna

Sequel to Saving Grace

Author Stacey Espino

Publisher: Bookstrand Publishing

Genre: Ménage

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Jenna can outride and outshoot any of the cowboys on the Wagner ranch. She's content to live invisibly amongst the ranch hands, hiding from a past she can't accept.

When Trevor and Conner find out her carefully guarded secret, Jenna's life turns upside down. She gives in to the rugged, sexy cowboys and explores her sexuality in new and unconventional ways. When the lust fades, can she handle committing long-term to Trevor and Conner?

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