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Excerpt Day – Galinn © Kiera Thomas



The three warriors were excited about going back to their world, even though they knew they would be in a different country in a different time. Keeping the Queen content was foremost important. Her temper was something a creature did not want to witness. Galinn walked forward, nodded to the Queen “I live to bring you pleasure my Queen.” He knelt between her knees, placed both hands on her trim, smooth waist. Pulled her further to the edge of the bed then quickly lowered his head to her pussy. She loved Galinn’s wide, exquisitely long tongue.


“Mmmmmm, Galinn, suck me hard.” The Queen bent her head back, grabbed his hair with her slender fingers to hold him close to her. Grabbing her swollen, moist nub with his teeth, he bit aggressively then pulled. She liked pain. Anyway, they couldn’t hurt her she was an immortal shape shifter. After he let go of her nub he hungrily encased her whole pussy into his mouth using his tongue to lash around it then did as she asked. He sucked excessively hard. His breath was hot against her skin. He made a meal out of her, sipping the juices, deeply licking. One thing about the Queen, she could make herself taste anyway she wanted, sometimes like honey, other times like cotton candy. She always tasted sweet. He pushed hard with his tongue, swirling it around her clit. Pushing her hips even closer toward his mouth, he wanted to get closer to pull both pussy lips into his mouth to suck. Cream started to pour out of her as he sucked the sweet honey flavored cream into his mouth.


Alexios and Kallisto walked forward knelt on each of her side. Each placing a hand behind her back for support, they lifted a breast towards their mouth. Her breast even though they were large D cups, hung straight out, the pointed nipples peaked high. Each warrior placed a nipple in his mouth, sucking hard. They pulled as much as they could into their mouths. Scraped, suckled, pulled, a normal human would have teeth marks on her soft skin, not on the Queen.


Galinn shoved his tongue deep inside her, trying desperately to lick the dripping cream that flowed from her. He kept fucking her with his thick wide tongue as she moaned. Kallisto reached down with the pad of his thumb he started to rub her nub in a circular motion. “Yesssss, that’s it boys…..make me come.” Panting, she could barely talk.


“Oh, oh, oh, fuck, this is good” the sensation started to increase, suddenly exploded from her pussy clear up her back. Her back arched with a stiffness that looked like it should break. She screamed out Galinn’s name as the orgasm flew through her body. As the orgasm deceased he grabbed her waist, lifted her up, turned her around, threw her on her stomach on top of the bed. Kallisto crawled up on the huge bed, grabbing the Queen he turned over to lie on his back, pulled her over on him, lifted her up till her pussy was at the tip of his cock. Suddenly he slammed her down on it fully. There was nothing gentle with the way Kallisto fucked her. The Queen looked back, watching Galinn behind her. “Get ready for a rough ride my Queen.” Galinn grabbed her hips, spread her ass cheeks apart while she was imprisoned onto Kallisto’s cock. The head of his thick cock was at the entrance of her ass. With one long shove he drove his cock all the way inside her, he didn’t have to worry giving the channel time to adjust, wth her…she liked it rough, she wasn’t human anyway. Feeling completely full Galleon stretched her ass while Kallisto stretched her pussy.


Alexios moved in front of her, brushed his throbbing cock across her lips. “Suck me my Queen while you get fucked.” Placing his hand on the sides of her head, Alexios positioned the head of his cock to her lips.


She opened her thick red lips, sliding them over the width of his dick. She was able to adjust to the thickness simply with shifting her body. She knew how to suck a cock. It didn’t matter how thick or how long she could accommodate it. Sucking the cock all the way to the base Galleon and Kallisto started to pound in rhythm. Kallisto pulled out then Galleon pushed in. Her full breasts where hanging over Kallisto, he lifted his head near the tip of her nipple, opened his lips he gently enclosed the nipple in his mouth.


“Oh yesss, this is so good, you boys fuck so good….harder. Faster.” Screaming out her wishes the warriors did as she asked, they fucked her harder. Galinn was pushing so hard her ass cheeks were bouncing in his hands from the pounding. Alexios loved it, every time Galinn pushed forward Alexios cock slammed harder into her mouth, when they pulled back she sucked him hard. He felt his balls draw up, the pulsing sensation from his seed shot up his cock, spurted inside her mouth. She sucked as he came, trying to take every drop of his seed out of him. Alexios slowly pulled out of her mouth while Kallisto and Galinn kept thrusting their cocks inside her.


“Oh, yess!” Her body started to shake. Screaming as her orgasm shot through her ass and pussy, reaching down she grabbed Kallisto’s shoulders for support before collapsing. While her orgasm was easing up Kallisto and Galinn shot their seed inside her, groaned from their own orgasm. While the boys pulled out of her ass and pussy, she slid off of Kallisto, rolled over onto her back staring at their handsome faces.


© Kiera Thomas



Author: Kiera Thomas

Publisher: Excessica Publishing

Genre: Paranormal/Horror Erotica Multiple Partners

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Sexy overweight Leoma is hunted down by a thirst to kill, soul stilling, mate craving Alp creature from the forbidden world. But the way the Queen of the forbidden world takes care of her problem Alp will be to send her three immortal human warriors-Galinn, Kallisto and Alexios after the heart of the Alp and bring it back to the forbidden world.

The three warriors, while hunting the Alp, decide to risk their immortality and not return to the forbidden world. But they need a plan, a plan that will risk their own lives from the Queen when she learns of their decision.

While hunting the Alp, Galinn falls in love with Leoma. Leoma is everything a woman should be to Galinn, soft, with rounded curves he can hold on to. Promising to protect her and find a way not to return to the Queen, she is captured by the Alp. The Alp hides her in a hidden cave in the mountains of Kentucky. Inserts the mating hormone inside her that could destroy her, could change her future with Galinn forever…

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