Saturday, 5 March 2011

Weekly Geeks & Nablopomo – March- Day 5 – Save a word


It’s my turn this week to set a challenge for the group at the Weekly Geeks. Here’s what I asked them to do.


Words make up our daily life, some we we hate, some are never to be spoken and some are so over used we wish they would just disappear.

Every few years the body in change of maintaining the upkeep of dictionaries do a cull – it’s not yet due for a little while but I do my best to adopt a words every few months just to keep some tried and proven words afloat (that's the way I like to think of it anyhow).
While I can understand why a cull is needed as with each era, century or decade that passes some words become outdated and things need to be simplier and easier to use and unfortunately words falls into this category that need to be streamlined.

Another factor that affects the longevity of words are new phases, new group dynamics or even new  tech  evolution that have an impact on our social culture like the wave of social networking craze that’s sweeping the nation at the moment, it brings about a whole new set of words that needs to be absorbed into the language database.

I am definately a pro-word ( meaning culling as little as possible) person, the more convoluted the better for me. In the big scheme of things I am probably a dinosaur – I still use words like Vitamin G, Cognisant and Vacivity. A little of that has to do with my everyday environment and a little bit of stubbornness as well as I find it hard to believe we will eventually loose some "tried and proven" words.

This weeks challenge has four parts

1 - I would like to make you all parents and send you over to Save The to look at all the words that are either not being used enough or are due for a cull probably within the next couple of years. Adopt a word.

2 – What is your pet peeve word? – the word that makes you grind your teeth with either it’s over use or being used out of context.

3 – What is a word you adore, or a word that you feel is not used enough. Irrespective of meaning or even era it’s a word that you just love

4 - Lastly what is your opinion on word culling or the rise in "text speak" that's happening now..


My thoughts

1. – I really am fascinated by this whole word culling business. I know most people never think that their kids don't know a whole set of words that they had to use their entire life to make it to where they are, they  really don't and probably never will know them.

I went over to the site and I adopted the following words

Micro –copy  -  A copy of printed or graphic matter produced by Microfilming.

Succisive - Of spare or extra time


2. My pet peeves words are all over the place at the moment. One long standing word that never made sense to me is “Basically” it is one of those words that is almost never needed even when it’s used or there is another more suitable word that could be used to mean the same thing.

Useless word.

Like totally” is another set of words that I blame my kids for making me hate. It is now a banned set of words in my house and I made good money when I used to charge them 5 pence a time for using it.

3. I knew when I asked this question even I would have a problem with it – no one has one word that they love, they have tons of words that they love. I know I do

Here are a few of mine








4.  I think I will answer that question later on this week but do let me know what you think…


Over to you now.. Any thoughts?


5 Speak To Me:

Care on 5 March 2011 at 22:48 said...

I am really excited by this weeks' GEEK theme, THANK YOU. Bear with me... I have a lot to say and blogger keeps kicking me out. Let's see if I can get all this typed, then cut/paste just in case...
I love words.
My pet peeve of the day is the word 'sick' to mean 'really cool'. At least I think. I am sad this makes me feel so very old.
I adopted a word but have yet to get an email from the site so not sure if I really got the word adopted by that's ok.
I really like SUCCISIVE. I think I can increase its use around my house.
Jelly and giggles are wonderful words, too.

Heidenkind on 5 March 2011 at 23:05 said...

One of my professors hates it when people use "like." Even in class he'll ask us, "Is it EXACTLY like?" And if you write it in a paper he'll cross it out and write "such as."

Erotic Horizon on 5 March 2011 at 23:16 said...


I am very glad you are another reader who is just as passionate about words as I am ..

"Sick" -this one annoys me as well , but I do chalk it up to a generational thing... yes dear we are getting older..

"sick", "mad", any word like those gives me a headache as I always never know where the conversation is going..

I do write my adopted word down so I am thinking/hoping I got it...

As I go around and people adopt more and more words - I am sure I will also be filtering it into my daily conversations as well...

Who doesn't love a giggle...

Thanks for taking part this week...


Erotic Horizon on 5 March 2011 at 23:18 said...


My mother hates that word as well - I find it such a waste to say it actually...

If it's "like" - that means it is...


The Bookworm on 9 March 2011 at 00:10 said...

I agree on the 'Basically' thing. It really is unecessary most times.
'Giggles' is a good one :)
I had fun with this weeks topic.