Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Nablopomo – March- Day 9 – In a Word – Morbid Curiosity


There is one thing that I absolutely love about Google and it’s Google Alert, it is such an easy way to keep track of all of my favourite authors and other information that I have an interest in via the net.

I took my information search a little further and put my real name into the Google alert about a year ago. I rarely if ever get an alert on my full name and even when I do it’s two separate names, thing are item that probably meets whatever parameters the people  at Google have set for the alert…

Low and behold this morning I got an alert and it was an obituary on my full name.  I immediately thought how ironic is that, I never get an alert and the one time I get one that actually match my name, the person had died.

My morbid sense of curiosity kicked in and I followed the trail and found some rather interesting information about my namesake, same age, same country of birth and a few other similarities -  I even pulled up the picture of her kids and that’s when I thought too much now…

But in some dark corner of my mind I am kinda chuff I follow the bread crumbs, it made me realise that I have not lost one of the little things I love about me “my morbid sense of curiosity”…


IN A WORD – Morbid Curiosity ( Very please I have not lost mine )


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