Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Nablopomo – March- Day 8 – In a Word – Woman, I love you

If you have not heard it’s International Women’s Day today – from the moment I opened my eyes to the news this morning I have been inundated by this news and all that women have achieved or not achieved as the case might be over the past century.

I have even heard a few men wondering when will they get a day that allows them to go stand on bridges and be all manly…

With all that said, most of the kudos and appreciation I have heard being tossed out are for family, friend and the obvious women in our life’s – mine included. That might sound a  little sarcastic, but it’s not really – I just think the “obvious “ women in our life’s are people we should be celebrating more than just on International Women’s day.

Women have come a far way – made wonderful strides in the world of business, technology and many other areas that would have been impossible a couple of decades or even a century ago – and I for one thank each and every woman that made it possible for me to have the opportunities that I have today..

My bit that I did for the day was spending my evening with my closest neighbour ( I am also guilty of missing one of the obvious woman in my life) – I packed up all the chicken pox kids and too much food and we made our way through the back gate over to my elderly neighbour’s house.

I have lived beside this woman for too many years to remember and I have learn so much from her ( a lot of crafting – but mostly the value of laughter) I just have to see her and I smirk.

It wasn’t always like that and most time even now it still is not all smiles and grin but despite our petty issues (which I think she encourages more for her than me)  I know I don’t tell her enough how much I appreciate her – in my mind I always think “I hope she knows I love her just by the things I do”.

Today that was not enough – I made sure I TOLD her I love her, even the kids said the L word and we had a good cuddle and a cry – and drank alot of tea.

Tomorrow we’ll go back to business as usual - cleaning up her dog poop from somewhere in my back yard and me swearing to high heaven about “that dog”

IN A WORD – Woman, I love you ( even when your dog poop in my back yard)

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