Monday, 7 March 2011

Nablopomo – March- Day 7 – In a Word - Siblings, Gotta love them.

Have you ever thought about your place in your family. I don't normally as some things just are and some things are accepted facts and I go with that flow in my family.

I have been thinking about this today and I think it has to do with the numerous ins ands outs that my sibling have been making into my house over the past few days.

My kids, nieces and nephew all have chicken pox and without question they are all parked at my house..

For a few reasons, One I live in a house, not an apartment or a condominium or any such high rise brick and mortal dwelling. I have the back yard and the shed and the multiply bathroom that seems to make great hiding places for those games that the kids MUST play.

Then there is the fact that I have a good tolerance level, or at least I like to think so, other stuff that would probably wind my siblings up are just par for the course for me. Like the fact that my front room resembles Barbie medical centre at the moment and I have not been able to go into one of the bathroom since morning – but guess what, that what kids do, they mark their territory, I’ll probably take it back tomorrow or at the least give a quick peek to make sure all the plumbing is still where it such be.

My home is also the place where Sunday dinners happen,the place where all the juiciest gossip gets dissected and it’s also the place where all the history of our family resides. I am the historian in my family. I do the family tree thing, I know where birth certificates are and all the other stuff that goes along with keeping old stories alive as well as making sure journals are kept safe as well as passed onto the right person at the right time.

The fact that I mostly work from home doesn’t hurt either….

With all that said – There are days like today when my brother who is younger than I am thinks he is the boss of me and my sister who is also younger than I am acts like she is older than time – I feel like the middle child today and I am loving it.


Because when baby brother starts acting bossy, I just direct him to the overgrown path that needs weeding back ( give him something to boss) and when baby sister turns up to do her psychoanalysis– I just direct her in his direction ( rubbing my hand in glee at the two of them going at it) , thereby leaving my kids, nieces, nephew and I to wreck havoc in MY own kitchen.


IN A WORD TODAY – Siblings, Gotta love them (even if you have to outsmart them some of the time).


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