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Excerpt Day - To Die For © Caitlyn Willows




...Frank should have released her now and made whatever phone calls were necessary to set this all in motion. But one hand still held her hand to his chest; the other pressed against the center of her back. Nothing separated them now except clothing.


“I’m going to kiss you, Zoe.” His voice whispered over her lips.


Oh, no. No. Blood roared in her ears. Her knees trembled. “I…I wish you wouldn’t.” Liar.

“Why?” Both arms locked around her.


God help her, Zoe melted into the embrace. “You…you don’t understand.”


“I understand plenty.”


His erection pulsed into her belly, stoking the fire building there. She tried to tell herself it was a physical reaction to their nearness, nothing more. Tried to tell herself they needed to appear to be a couple in public and, therefore, this innocuous kiss would ease them into the illusion. Tried to throw out a thousand other excuses that all explained why Frank Ludwig held her so wonderfully tight.


But then his mouth covered hers, his tongue slipped past her parted lips, and that fire turned into an inferno. Her body came alive for the first time in years. A little whimper melted her more into him. His hold tightened, the kiss claiming her soul. She wrapped her arms around his neck. One hand clamped over her ass, anchoring her in place, while he rasped his hard-on over her stomach. The other hand wandered to the knot on her robe belt, loosening it as if it were nothing.


Her body quivered when he parted the folds, then jerked with the first touch of his hand to her waist. He deepened the kiss, squeezed her ass, and tickled his fingers up her ribs.


His cell phone startled them both, breaking the seal of their mouths.


Frank’s muttered, “Fuck,” said it all. He stomped to the counter to answer the call.


Zoe clutched her robe closed and ran to her bedroom. Back braced on the door, she sank to the floor. Fingers dived for her aching pussy. It didn’t take much to make her come.




She jumped at the sound of his voice on the other side of the door.


“Go away.” Her head buzzed from the orgasm. She half-expected him to barge in, or at least try the doorknob. Disappointment weighed down her heart when she heard his footsteps retreat and the bathroom door close.


Where the hell was her head? People were dead, and all she could think about was coming, about Frank’s body pressing her deep into the mattress, about burrowing so far under the covers with him the world would implode and they’d never realize it.


Lovestruck fool. Horny, lovestruck fool.

Tears fell, fast and furious. Knees clutched to her chest, Zoe rested her cheek on top of them, slowly rocking while she cried. There was movement behind her—the door being pushed open.


“Don’t cry. Please don’t cry.” When had he returned, or had he ever left and she only imagined it? “Let me in, Zoe.”


She knew she shouldn’t, not as vulnerable as she felt, not as much as she wanted him. But she did, scooting far enough away to allow Frank to squeeze in. He folded his big body to the floor beside her, arms wrapping so tight around her the world beyond didn’t exist. Zoe curled into his chest, palms pressed to those rock-hard pecs. His heart beat as fast as hers. She liked that. She liked it a lot...too much...


© Caitlyn Willows


To Die For

Author: Caitlyn Willows

Publisher: Amber Quill Press

Genre: Contemporary, Suspense BDSM (Light)

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The sound of her voice saved a cop's life...and put a target on her back.

Zoe White's got a voice to die for and a body to match. Sad that it's taken another officer's near tragedy to spur Detective Frank Ludwig into finally making his move. Now that he has, Frank's determined to be Zoe's hero when her unselfish act skylines her to a killer. But it doesn't take Frank long to realize Zoe doesn't need a hero. She's a survivor, perfectly able to defend herself...and Frank, too, when the chips are down.

What's a guy to do when his woman "man's up" before he does?

Then he learns just how much Zoe has sacrificed to recover from past demons, and how determined those same demons are to destroy her again. He realizes there's more to being a hero than fighting bad guys. A true hero helps the woman he loves retrieve the final fragments of her shattered life. Yes, Zoe can clearly defend herself. Now he's depending on her staying alive long enough so he can be the hero she needs...

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