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Review -Midnight Bay Bk 2: Dragon Warrior © Janet Chapman

Dragon Warrior

(The second book in the Midnight Bay series)

Author: Janet Chapman

Publisher:Simon & Schuster

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The steamy second book in Janet Chapman's dazzling Midnight Bay series seduces readers with an enticing tale of a fiery independent woman and an irresistible immortal warrior with a dragon's courageous heart.
Maddy Kimble has no time for a suitor - not with caring for her spunky nursing home patients, her shy nine-year-old daughter, her widowed mother, and her rebellious teenage brother. William Kilkenny's stunning lack of modern dating protocol doesn't help. The man is uncouth and outrageous - a towering, drop-dead, breathtakingly hot warrior. Who refuses to give up.
William is secretly a ninth-century Irish nobleman formerly trapped in a dragon's body. All Maddy knows is that lately, she can hardly resist the urge to lose herself in his powerful arms. But as their uncontrollable passion grows, eerie occurrences in her small coastal Maine town begin to rouse Maddy's suspicions about her lover. He begs her to trust him, but how can she surrender - body and soul - when she fears the danger he poses to her yearning heart?

My Thoughts

Last year I reacquainted myself with Janet Chapman’s work through the first in her series Midnight Bay book MOONLIGHT WARRIOR which was not only a great display of her writing style but I was introduced to some fantastic characters that had me adding the second book to my calendar and I spent this weekend catching up on the goings on in Midnight Bay.

When I left Midnight Bay on my first trip through MOONLIGHT WARRIOR, William  - a  secondary character who had been cursed for more years that I can even imagine had just had his curse lifted  and he had a gorgeous woman in his sights.

DRAGON WARRIOR picks up fairly quickly after that and it starts in classic Chapman’s style with her characters being as irreverent as they can get and loving it.  Maddy the  female lead is being ‘Maddy” and discussing the fact that she is not attracted to William and her excuse is that he is Too brash and too sneaky, but what she is, is scared because of her past history with men and her overwhelming responsibilities.

William has no such constraint however and as a nineteen century warrior living in the 21 century some modern rules he just  ignore and some he cut quite neatly through to get to where and what he wants to achieve and at the moment he has his sight firmly set on making Maddy his woman..
The plot is quite a nice balance of light-hearted fun, which centres around William trying to fit into this modern world while trying to keep a whole bunch of elderly people happy as well as doing his level best to get Maddy out of her underwear, then there is the more intense subplot which deals with acceptance, allowing people to live their life and the care and entertainment of the elderly – this aspect I found I enjoyed the most in the book.
I laughed out loud at the antic that EVERYONE got up to on this book and there is a nice sarcastic undertone to the comedy present and I was quite pleased that even when the more heart wrenching scenes came about Ms. Chapman kept the pace light and  I was not reaching for the tissue as I am prone to do with scenes like those.
If I had a niggle it would be that the meatier aspect of the book had a few more scenes as I would have loved to see how these were resolved and the mindset of the people involved. Why, because as much as I love the book and I thought it followed the first book well – DRAGON WARROR really touched on some sensitive topics that was resolved too quickly and too quietly.
DRAGON WARROR  to be honest should not be tackled without reading the first in the series as it ties in quite closely with events that takes place in book one. The mix of characters  was simply perfect, from nine to ninety made an appearance and the author really made sure I was embroiled in their antics and their chivalry.
Ms Chapman is a firm favourite and DRAGON WARRIOR  hits the spot, eagerly awaiting the next and final book in this series..

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