Wednesday, 2 February 2011

NaBloPoMo: February 02th – The bits and pieces I got from the rents!!!!!

Have you ever heard the saying – “You favour your mother or your father for that matter”.

Or “I got that from my mother’s side of the family” or the opposite as the mood or the scenario fits.

Or “it’s in my make up”…

My first February post for the Nablopomo month is about the characteristic that I got from my parents and my extended family… This was one of the definition of “character” – and I think I will start with that..

“The aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing.”

From my Mom I got

My height, 6ft – I am vain enough to use it to my advantage as often as I get away with it..

My nurturing ways – I tend to mother everybody and everything that come across my doorsteps.

My love of rock music – used to drive my dad crazy.

Not sure if this is more a curse than a blessing – but  I tend to have my fingers in too many pies and don't have the sense enough to step back before I get burned out.. this is so my mother.

From my Dad...

My love of books

My snobby attitude

My sense of fair play

My work ethics

My acceptance love of Classical music –  My Dad’s attempt to balance my musical knowledge.

My sense of family – my dad was a home-body and I am definately a home body ( Home and all it entails is very important to me)…

The things I am still wondering about..

My love of cooking – my mom don't cook (at all) and my dad wasn’t particular crazy about the kitchen…  I could live in the kitchen.

My hatred of “mud” – I don’t like it, wont walk in it and don't ask me to put my fingers anywhere near it. I can clean crap, vomit or any other body fluid but do not give me mud.


Can you identify where the best or the worst bit of you come from?


I am doing NaBloPoMo this February. The theme this month is – Characters

People, experiences or even writing in character . . . It's a flexible theme, allowing you to blog about all sorts of things:



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