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Excerpt Day - The Veil Bk1 - Ruby: Uncut and on the Loose © Danica Avet



“Stop right now, you ass,” she hissed with a good solid punch to his stomach that made him catch his breath. “Who in the hell do you think you are?”


“Your name,” he demanded when he caught his breath, dragging her into the garage. He was about to go insane. Since the moment he’d seen her, he’d needed to know her name, needed to feel her against him, needed her to understand she was going to be his.


Stopping on the other side of the door, he shut it, pulling her against him, and purred in instant relief. Just feeling her curves against his body was a balm to his soul. She fit him perfectly, her heels putting her face almost on level with his.


“Your name,” he demanded again, softer this time, breathing in her scent. She attempted to push him away, but vampire strength was still more powerful than a Chieftain’s strength any day. He set his tongue against the curl of the tattoo that had teased him in the other room.


She gasped. “Ruby! My name’s Ruby Fontenot-Blue, Ruby Blue of the Elkfire Line,” she whispered, her eyes falling closed, her neck turned to the side.


Ruby. It suited her, Lucian decided, and set his teeth to her delicate skin, not biting, but teasing. Her body tensed, her nipples hardened and pushed into his chest through the thin material of her dress and his T-shirt. He responded by growling in approval and slipping a large thigh between hers. He wanted her and he wanted her now.


“Lucian,” a voice said from far away. He ignored it. It wasn’t as important as imprinting his scent and touch upon this female. Instinct told him he needed to leave his mark on her now or she’d try to rebuff him later. Even if he couldn’t have her forever, nothing said he couldn’t have her for a little while. “Lucian, you have to let her go. The others are getting restless thinking you’re mauling her,” Kali said as she moved closer.


Ruby stiffened as the sensual haze he’d managed to cocoon her in began to unravel. She wedged her arms between them to give herself some distance. “You’re Lucian Ravenswaay,” she said hoarsely. “You’re the Oculum-se.”


Lucian nodded, his eyes heavy with desire as he studied her face up close. The symbols of her new lineage fit her bone structure as if they’d been tailor-made for her. Her lips were puffy from desire. Her tongue swept out and left a slight sheen on them. He growled.


“You were the one sent to capture me for Council?” she asked him, fear in her eyes.


For a moment, Lucian had no idea what she was talking about and then he remembered. The Councilors had decreed the only way to preserve the existence of the Lineage Chieftain was to lock away the last one. At the time, Lucian had just shrugged and done as he was told. But since this wasn’t so far from the plot he’d had concerning imprisoning Ruby on his estate, Lucian could see now how it had merit. He could keep her safe at his place and enjoy her body as long as he desired.


“I did not vote on that issue, Ruby,” he assured her, his thumb caressing her cheekbone. He was pleased by the approving light in her eyes. “I will insist upon keeping you on my estate instead. For your safety,” he added quickly when she looked upset.


* * * *


Ruby found the power to push Lucian away. She might’ve allowed him a few liberties because he was a sexy bastard, but no one was locking her up whether it was for her safety or not.


“I don’t think so, bubba,” she said with more authority than she felt. She straightened her dress and tried to ignore her hormones, which were urging her to crawl all over him. Those urges were against her nature, which made her trust them even less.


Damn, he was hot. He was wearing a black V-neck cashmere T-shirt that caressed every inch of his impressive torso, stretching with everything it had to cover him. The black cargos he was wearing did something for his backside that should’ve been illegal. For being dressed down, he still managed to look elegant. His hair was pulled back in a loose ponytail and a few strands had fallen to frame either side of his face.


It took all of her considerable will not to fan herself right then and there. Instead, she crossed her arms over her chest because the girls were still excited to see him and his eyes were glued on them, which made it very hard to have a serious conversation.


“I’m not going to be locked up anywhere. I have several perfectly safe homes left to me by my predecessor. I’ll stay at one of them,” she said firmly.


He smiled at her, his eyes soft and kind. He was surely about to piss her off. “Not even Julius stayed at any of his homes because they weren’t secure. You’re much better off on my estate, Ruby,” he said gently, stepping up and touching her hair, then tracing his callused hand over the tattoo on her face. “You will want for nothing with me,” he assured her, his eyelids heavy with sexual need and, oh boy, was her body responding.


If Kali hadn’t been watching, Ruby was afraid she might’ve lost her spine and caved in. Warmth pulsed from the mark on her shoulder. She had to choose wisely, she reminded herself. The weight of more than just her love life sat on her shoulders.


“No,” Ruby said firmly, turning her face away from his hand.


She saw the flare of anger in his green eyes. Oh, boy. She’d seen this guy in action, and he was a complete beast. In her heart, she knew he wouldn’t hurt her, but she also didn’t think he would let her just leave either.


© Danica Avet

Ruby: Uncut and on the Loose

The Veil Bk1 

Author: Danica Avet

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.

Genre: Erotic, Paranormal

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Ruby Fontenot, a Cajun hermit, loses control of her life when she’s tapped to become the last Lineage Chieftain in a paranormal world she had no idea existed. With the power to change the face of The Veil by choosing its leaders, Ruby is now a wanted woman. Once she meets a member of the Veilerian High Council, what began as a fight for her life turns into a fight for her heart and her freedom.

As the High Council Representative, Lucian Ravenswaay has spent decades searching for the elusive Lineage Chieftain only to discover she’s his life mate. But this vampire has bigger plans than settling down; he wants a Council seat and to get it, he’ll have to turn Ruby over to them. The line between what he wants and what he needs is blurred and making the wrong choice could mean the destruction of an entire society.

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