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Excerpt Day - Rough, Tough and Tumble 1: Hung at Dawn © Kate Hill



Sometimes Dr. Apriyn focused so intently on his work that he neglected his baser needs. Just because he obsessed about his projects didn't mean he lacked the same sexual desires as other men. Today's passionate interlude was a necessary part of his plan, but he still enjoyed himself tremendously.


His post as a general medical examiner in the Aspectian capital city meant he had many opportunities to find the people needed for his experiment. He required three highly skilled Aspectians who were familiar with Earth languages and had strong survival instincts but lacked family connections or prominent positions in society. In short, he needed competent people who could easily disappear. That seemed impossible, but not if one knew where to look.


Dr. Apriyn didn't need pillars of society. In fact for the dark, perilous science he dabbled in, he required people equally dangerous, seductive and powerful.


Most people wouldn't consider a pleasure shifter for such work, but when he met Zandra last month, he knew she was perfect for the task. Further study of the young woman proved him right.


Now he stretched out on the satin covered bed in the pleasure house where she worked. He watched her comb her long, chestnut hair. He'd requested she keep her true form during their appointment, and she willingly obliged.


Here on the planet Aspectia, some inhabitants possessed the gift of shapeshifting. The planet was named for these magnificent beings called Aspectians. Dr. Apriyn, though born here, was a non-shifter, identical to an Earth human. Still his shifter cousins fascinated him.


"You told me what form you want me in," Zandra said, gazing at him through brown eyes trimmed with thick, dark lashes. Though she'd grown up on the streets, her eyes weren't hard like so many others Apriyn had seen. "And you asked me to brush my hair."


"You look beautiful when you brush your hair," he said. Nothing turned him on more than the sight of a naked woman brushing her long hair. He loved the silkiness of her tresses and the gentle bounce of her full breasts.


"What else do you want?" she asked.


"I want to touch you," he said in a husky voice. His heartbeat quickened and his cock swelled, poking against the red sheet that covered him from the waist down. He reached beneath and stroked himself, his gaze still fixed on Zandra.


"Here, let me help." She placed her brush on the night table and climbed beneath the sheets. Her lush body half draped over his, she used the sole of her foot to rub his calves while her hand curled around his cock. His eyes narrowed and his pulse quickened.


Zandra's thumb swept over his cock head and teased the ultra sensitive underside. As good as this felt, he wanted to touch her back. He hungered for sex, though as a non-shifting male he rarely nabbed the attention of other Aspectians. They generally preferred their own kind, yet here in the underground, pleasure shifters fucked anyone for the right price.


Dr. Apriyn had paid to use Zandra tonight, but she had no idea the bonus he would soon offer.


© Kate Hill


Hung at Dawn

Rough, Tough and Tumble - Bk1

Author: Kate Hill

Publisher: .Changeling Press, LLC

Genre: Paranormal, Action/Adventure, Time Travel

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Rough -- Sefu, a hunky pro fighter in the Aspectian arena where contestants battle in a variety of forms, faces death after being gored by his latest opponent.

Tough -- Tiago, a mysterious career criminal, awaits execution in a high security prison where his shapeshifting powers have been neutralized.

Tumble -- Zandra, a pleasure shifter who has mastered the art of seduction, entertains a dangerous client who wants more from her than sex.

Dr. Apriyn brings together these three seductive shapeshifters for a time travel experiment that hurls them into the old west where sex and violence reign supreme. While defending a town threatened by outlaws, the trio discover each other's talents, in bed and out.

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