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Excerpt Day – Crescendo © Leah Brooke



Blowing out a breath, she stared at the tablecloth, knowing that the two glasses of wine she’d had with dinner made it possible to admit the rest. “It’s not an easy thing to ask for. I felt stupid.”


Nick took her hand again before she could stop him and ran his thumb back and forth over her knuckles, making her want him to do the same thing with her nipples. “You’re right. It’s not an easy thing to ask for. It’s not easy for a man either, especially now. It’s lucky we discovered each other’s needs right away, isn’t it? No misunderstandings, no hurt feelings. David didn’t know what he was doing. You need something he could never comprehend.”


Shifting her gaze to Steve, it surprised her to see him watching her so curiously. “David does that kind of thing all the time. No, it’s me, but it doesn’t matter. I’m done with all that. It was a mistake I don’t plan to repeat. I’d like to go home.”


Leaning over her until their faces were only inches apart, Nick touched her thigh again. “Keep them spread.”


She’d already started to close them and stopped at his demand. Meeting his unblinking stare, she did as he said and put her legs back to their previous position. “I think we should go.”


Nick caressed her thigh before removing his hand. “In a minute. Put your hands on the table.”


She hesitated, glancing at Steve. “This is a waste of time.”


“Quiet.” Nick’s sharp reprimand made her jump, but then his voice became low and silky again, making her shiver. “I like knowing that your thighs are spread. Your panties are wet, aren’t they?”


Biting her lip, Julianna remained silent.


“Julianna, I’m waiting for an answer.”


Julianna stared at her hands, drawing a deep breath. “Yes.” She’d never experienced such vulnerability before, their undivided attention sharpening her awareness of her own femininity. Her arousal couldn’t be ignored, and as hard as she tried, she couldn’t resist taking another step into his web of seduction. “Yes.”


Running his fingers over her hand, he kept his voice low. “I’d like to strip you, one piece of clothing at a time until I have you completely naked. Totally at my mercy. Then I’d look at you. I’d lay you on the bed and take my time exploring every inch of you. I’d trace my fingers over your breasts, feeling your soft skin and moving closer and closer to your nipples. Close your eyes.”


Julianna obeyed him, her breasts becoming hot and heavy…achy. She would swear she could actually feel his touch, a touch that made her nipples become even tighter.


A shift on the leather seat later, Nick’s warm breath caressed her cheek. “You want me to touch them. You know the pleasure I can give you, don’t you, little one? Your pussy’s drenched, preparing for me to take you. Your clit throbs, begging for my attention. I know what you want, but I’m not through exploring, so you’ll just have to wait.”


Tightening her hands into fists, she lowered her head, keeping her eyes tightly closed. Her breathing came out ragged, her heart racing. “Y-you’re not?”


She jumped when Nick’s hand moved over her hair. Keeping her eyes closed, she sighed when she felt the tight twist come loose, allowing her hair to fall over her shoulders and down her back.


Nick ran his fingers through the strands. “Of course not, darling. I want to explore every inch of you. When I run my fingers over your stomach, it quivers. Did you think I couldn’t feel it?”


Her breathing came out in pants as her stomach muscles quivered.


How had he done that?

“Hmm. When I slide my hand lower, your breath hitches. Yes, just like that. I run my fingers through your soft curls, knowing that I’m going to have you waxed. I don’t want anything to hide what belongs to me. What belongs to Steve. We want you nice and smooth. Being waxed will make you even more sensitive. Your clit wants attention, but I want you to wait. Will you do that? Will you be patient and wait for me to finish?”


Julianna groaned. More than anything, she wanted to rub her thighs together.


“Keep your thighs spread, Julianna.”


“Oh, God. Please.” Turning her head, she lifted her eyes to his, her arousal growing at the intensity in his dark ones. Glancing at Steve, she reached for his hand without thinking. “I can’t…this is…”


Steve’s eyes flared. He shot a stunned look at Nick but quickly recovered and slid a little closer to her. Reaching out, he took her hand in his.


“Damn, Julianna, you’re incredible.”


Nick skimmed a finger down her cheek. “When I press my finger into you, your sweet little pussy milks it, clenching as if to try to hold it in. You like having it inside you, but it’s not enough. You need more, don’t you, darling?”


Holding on tightly to Steve’s hand, Julianna stared into Nick’s eyes. Her nipples burned. Her clit throbbed unbearably, the hot, little tingles centering there. Thankful that they both leaned close and hid her from view of the other diners, she bit her lip to hold back a moan.


“When I part your folds, I can see your clit, red and shiny. I know it burns, darling.”


A moan escaped before she could prevent it. She could actually feel him there, feel the cool air brush her clit and the heat of his stare on her tender flesh.


“Let me make it better. Just a brush of my fingers…”


She felt it so strongly she actually jolted in her seat. “Oh!” Julianna cried out softly, her mouth quickly covered by Nick’s. It felt so real, as though he’d actually brushed those strong fingers over her clit. The tingles became sharper and spread as she came, a small rush of pleasure that only made her want more. She trembled helplessly in his arms, unable to believe what had just happened.


Swallowing her cries, he swept her mouth with his, his heated kisses gradually becoming soft and lingering. Caressing her back, he held her close until she settled. When he lifted his head, his slow smile made her heart flutter. “Hmm, maybe we should have gone up to our suite after all.”


©  Leah Brooke



Author: Leah Brooke

Publisher: Siren Publishing

Genre: Ménage

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Hired by Nick Morietti and Steve Vanguard to decorate their newest hotel, Julianna Lovette is determined to make a name for herself. Nick and Steve’s raw sexuality, however, draws her like a moth to a flame--irresistible, but potentially lethal.

When she becomes their lover, she’s tossed into a world of passion she’s always searched for but thought she’d never find. Dominant and strong, they take her in ways she’d never imagined and earn a submission from her she never thought she’d give.

When passion comes at a price, she has to depend on them to keep her safe from an enemy from Steve’s past. An enemy who’s waited for years for a chance to get revenge. An enemy they believe she works for.

She learns that trust comes at a steeper price--but offers the biggest rewards.

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