Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Wednesday Musing - The neighbour from hell





What on earth is that terrible smell?
It’s coming from next door, caused by the neighbours from hell
They are burning mattresses and old rubber tyres
They are always stoking black Smokey fires

There garden and back yard are a mess
They are not proud, they couldn’t care less
Their kids are ill-mannered and are always making a noise
Especially their two youngest twin boys

They scare and frighten the whole neighbour hood
They walk around with crow bars, and large planks of wood
They don’t need these tools as they don’t have any jobs
The whole of the family are lazy, fat slobs

They don’t care that they have an asbo
They don’t care that they cash a giro
They get the whole street, angry and perturbed
But nobody will stand up to them, or say a word

The street is scared of what the family will do
I keep silent, as I am too
So I will just try and ignore the smell
As I don’t want to mess, with the neighbours from hell

© katherine shaw




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Blodeuedd on 9 March 2011 at 16:49 said...

Ugh, neighbors! So glad we have good ones now :)