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Review - Well-Hung By the Chimney © Lynley, Stowe & Field

Well-Hung By the Chimney

Authors: Em Lynley, Ryan Field, Chloe Stowe

Edited by Lori Perkins

Publisher: Ravenous Romance

Genre: BLGT

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Three delicious tales of male/male romance for the holidays!

Meet Alec and Brant, who escape to a tropical island for the holidays, under the pretense of doing a big business deal, but end up doing each other, in EM Lynley's CHRISTMAS BONUS.

Best-selling author Ryan Field brings back Lance and Nathan, two high school lovers who reunited on Christmas Eve, as they now explore their new relationship a year later and find the true meaning of Christmas in THE CHRISTMAS GIFT.

And finally join Aaron and John, the military pilot and doctor from Chloe Stowe's FOREVER BOUND, as they dance through another holiday of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," in FOREVER BOUND WITH TINSEL.

My Thoughts

WELL HUNG BY THE CHIMMEY was another seasonal read that ended up being a fun adventure for me.

My main reason for reading the Anthology itself is Em Lynlyey's work as I am a fan of her voice. She had the first story in this Anthology call CHRISTMAS BONUS.

Alec is another cog in the wheel of corporate America and he is just as eager as all the other up and coming stars of the finance world who just want to make a name for themselves while adding to that year end bonus that is much looked forward to by every employee at the end of the Wall Street year.

This year Alec entire future depend on getting the business of one man - Brant.

Brant is one of those elusive type that seems to have loads of cash and the Midas touch to go with it. When one thing leads to another and they both find themselves on a tropical island fooling people who they shouldn’t - it's takes an accident and some harsh words to make them see what could be, but as smart as they both are, can they see the possibility.

Definitely a holiday type story with too much pack in for me to really enjoy this one. While I had some issues with Alec, who was just the typical up and coming eager to please company man  - I like that he had a conscience, knew how and when to take the initiative and he had a sense of fun about him.

Brant on the other hand had issues, he was too reserved - he never really relaxed or showed the human side of himself unless he was with family. Even with Alec it just never felt like he unwind.

This was the longest story in the book and it has a few areas that did grab my interest, like the island where people had to import a Christmas tree as well as the effort to revive a business that may be dying.

Over all this was a nice addition to the anthology.

Next up was  THE CHRISTMAS GIFT by Ryan field. I am not sure why I have never read this author before but I really like his offering. It had a very everyday, down to earth feel to the entire storyline and it was my favourite of the three stories.

Lance and Ethan are on the cusp of a renewed relationship, renewed because the two knew each other a decade ago and have recently hooked up after both have more or less lived their life.

Ethan is the stronger voice in this relationship and for most of the tale I didn't like him. He was autocratic, demanding and too practical. However by the time the end rolled around I understood him and knew he would make Nathan happy..

Nathan for the most part is so insulated in his little world and life that he has build for himself and he tend to move and do things in his own way and at his own speed. Only since meeting up with Ethan has he ventured to rethink some things and change some areas of his life – all for the better.

Both men are so different in how they act, how they think and even their hobbies and yet I liked them as a unit. It was like looking at a friend of the family who I always wonder "how could she stay with that man" – it’s like seeing the inside of that relationship and really getting the moment that makes the relationship worthwhile for them.

A few support characters made an appearance and they knitted this story together and I could see Ethan and Nathan starting the first level of the building blocks of their life. There was one scene that was just odd for me, but it was a quick episode and the ending more than make up for any concerns I had about how they would fair out with each other.

So worth the read and loved, loved the awwww moment at the end.

The last story was by another new to me author Chloe Stowe, FOREVER BOUND WITH TINSEL is very short and reads like the follow up to something else.

The story itself delves into the life of Military pilot Aaron and Doctor John and their ability and growing frustration of trying to maintain a relationship while abiding by the don't ask don't tell policy that Aaron in particularly has to live by if he wants any chance of seeing his career out to it’s end.

The bulk of the book or the main scenes takes place at a party when for this one night something good and something evil crosses both these men’s path with some unexpected results.

I never really got into this story because it unfortunately had one of those old sticking point of mine where the protags calls each other or think of each other as “the pilot” or “the doctor’ and this kind of held through the whole book.

With the story being as short as it was  I never really got past that however there were a few humorous moment which I am hoping is the authors natural style which i actually enjoyed and i had fun with the how Aaron and John interacted with each other.

The pace of the story is quite fast and I really liked the build up and the few tension filled moments that I got in FOREVER BOUND WITH TINSEL, While this story did not work for me I will most certainly be looking for longer stories by this author to see what she does with a full length story. 

Bottom Line

WELL HUNG BY THE CHIMMEY  was a good read with not enough niggles there to make a song and dance about but certainly more than enough strong point to make me go hunting to see what I have been missing on from new to me authors.

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Patti (@TheLoveJunkee) on 15 January 2011 at 14:44 said...

I don't normally read holiday-themed stories, but this one sounds good. I love the title :)

Tam on 15 January 2011 at 14:46 said...

Since two of the three are couples from other books I will likely pass as I know they won't mean as much to me. I am also not a fan of "the pilot". It can be used once in a while but repeated use seems odd to me.

I read so many Christmas stories this year I'm on a bit of burn-out I think. :-)

Lily on 15 January 2011 at 14:55 said...

Sounds interesting although much like Tam I'm a bit tired of the Xmas theme at the moment. Maybe one day...

Chris on 15 January 2011 at 17:40 said...

I really liked EM's story. Ryan Field's was ok. And I couldn't get into Chloe Stowe's story, either.

Blodeuedd on 15 January 2011 at 23:20 said...

I should say something smart but I can only stare at the tighty whities, lol