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Review - Rein in the Night © Tressie Lockwood

Rein in the Night

Author: Tressie Lockwood

Publisher: Amira Press

Genre: Paranormal Interracial Romance

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After Keena's fiance leaves her standing at the alter to run away with her half-sister, Keena decides she needs to get away to heal. She wants solitude in a place she's never been. From the moment she sets foot on the grounds of Luna Mountain Ranch deep in the Colorado Rockies, she is pursued by the sexiest cowboy she's ever laid eyes on.

Keena thinks an affair with him will help her become a woman like her half-sister, China, one who doesn't give a damn about anyone but herself and never gets hurt. But there is something strangely different about Ryan. This ranch hand has a secret that everyone seems willing to keep from Keena.

They warn her to stay away from him, but when Keena looks into Ryan's eyes, she sees the pain and loneliness she knows are reflected in her own. Denying herself the pleasure of his touch might mean the difference between saving her life and losing it forever.


“You’re hurting.”

She froze with her back to him and then slowly turned around. Perhaps she’d heard him wrong. “Come again?”
His eyes, which had been sea blue when she first met him, were darker now. It might be a trick of the shadows inside the cabin. He lowered his head so she couldn’t see his face.

“Sorry, my mistake.”

“No, why did you say that?” she said, pressing him.

He tapped his fingertips at his thigh, and Keena imagined those large hands caressing her. She shook her head—just a bit lonely, that was all. Ryan tapped the brim of his hat and swung toward the door.

“Enjoy your stay.”

The cabin door clicked shut behind him, and seconds after, his Jeep engine rolled over. Keena crossed to the curtains at the imagewindow and pulled them back to watch him go. Was it a mistake to have come here? How did a man who appeared to be cold as ice  know that she was hurting from a few moments in her presence?

© Tressie Lockwood


My Thoughts

I have been having all kinda fun reading this author recently and despite a few niggles I had fun reading this book.

The plot of REIN IN THE NIGHT is simply and the whole storyline doesn’t get convoluted to take away from the fact that this is really about two people realising that a good thing is within their grasp and having the moxie to know when to reach out and grab it.

The story begins with Keena making a decision to visit the Luna Mountain Ranch after a bit of a heartache and a let down. All she wants is just peace and quiet and some time to find out where she goes from here and what she wants out of life.

From the moment she sets foot on the ranch she is awed by the beauty and the tranquillity but also a little caught out by how her libido perks up at seeing one of the ranch hand. Knowing that she has no time or recently any luck in the romance department she sets about to take one day at a time  and enjoy the ranch.

The man in the spotlight is Ryan, quite, keeps to himself and most importantly he is loved by the entire ranch staff. With Keena however Ryan cannot hang onto his long held standard of keeping himself away from the guest, he wants to spend more time than he normally would with guest of the ranch especially the women – but he just cannot seem to resist her.

Soon the two are getting it on and from both players point of view they were having fun and doing what they wanted to make themselves happy and scratching an itch if truth be told. The problem as there always is lie with the people that care about Ryan because he not only comes with a handle with care sign but he has a secret that just might get Keena kill if she is not careful..

REIN IN THE NIGHT is really such a short book that by the time I got into the character it was over and therein lie some of my niggles with the books.

But first what worked, I like this author voice – she just hits the spot for me with easy plot, if a bit stereotypical but it works for me. Her books are interracial for the most part and I do like the people that she puts together and Ryan and Keena was no different, Keena who gets on and try to be Ms independent in most things reverts to type when her confidence takes a huge hit is not the easiest person to like as she tend to blow hot and then cold but I liked her spunk.

She knew when to tackle issues head on and not beat about the bush even when it comes to the difficult decision. Ryan on the other hand keeps a low profile and doesn’t make waves and more or less buries himself on the ranch.

He has a gentle touch especially with the animals ands despite his hands off approach with the women who normally visit the ranch, he does have some moves on him to make a girl head spin.

Quite a mix bag made an appearance in this book and I really liked that it was not just the obligatory woman on the make that cause angst but genuine friends and people who had a strong moral code even despite the strangeness of the situation that they all find themselves in stepped up to protect their own.

I was also quite pleased that the easy plotline was not overflowing with sex scenes, there was just enough there to suite me and a few nice emotional scenes toss in for good measure.

The niggles I have surrounds the paranormal aspect of the book, I was really pulled to this book because I liked stories in ranch settings  and the paranormal should be like icing on the cake. Unfortunately none of that happened here – two much of a secret was made of the whole paranormal thing even to me the reader and when the big reveal came about it was a little too late and  I was just left with a story about Ryan and Keena meeting and loving.

The ending was a bit abrupt and left me wanting a wrap up of sorts rather than me assuming about where these two would go with their relationship.

Most of the main protags life is skimmed over for the most part and that wasn’t a problem for me as this was such a short book, I got enough to like them – however for reader needing that in depth history you wont get it here.

REIN IN THE NIGHT  was a nice Saturday morning read for me, it didn’t have my heart racing but it definately left me in a good place.

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Great review, E.H.!

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Thanks Eyre

This was a sweet read.