Friday, 7 January 2011

NaBloPoMo: January 07th – Meet some of my best friends

Today I have decided to share a few old friends with you guys.

Do you remember the days of Dear Diary – not the newspaper column/ist, But the art/chore/pleasure of writing your thoughts down at the end of your day in a book or a on a piece of paper.

Whether it was long sentences, quotes , words or even a hybrid of all the before mentioned.

I am a journaller and I have kept a diary for years now – I write words, I write thoughts,  I write to de-stress and a big part of this comes from my scrapbooking adventures. I like to leave some of my thoughts on my scrapbooking pages for friends and family to see years later..

The picture above are a few of my diaries – I never stick to a type – If I like the cover or the feel of the book I go with it. I have gone with cloth cover, wire bound , hard cover, soft cover  I even splurged one year and bought a ridiculously expensive leather bound book with parchment paper.

These book have become treasured friends for me over the years – I write a whole lot in them and granted I have to have them under lock and key because of my nosey mother and kids – but I  don’t mind as I am hoping years later my kids and hopefully grandkids will them to share in some of my joys and the adventures through my life.

I wrote this 6 years ago…

and this was when I was going thorough my zen phase…

I hope you guys have some way of storing your memories, whether you use a diary like myself or you could be using photos or even  something as simple as a trinket box to store the special things of your life.

My diaries have truly becomes a special part of my day.


Update 24 Hours challenge..

Thank you guys for taking part in the 24 hours Contact a friends challenge – If the post stats are to be believed a lot of you made time to read the post and I hope you all followed through and contacted a friends.

Thanks again…



I am doing NaBloPoMo this January. The theme this month is - Friends

Best friends, worst friends, friends of the family . . . how many do you have, how many do you need, and where are they when you need them.

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