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Excerpt Day - A Submissive Reborn © Mason Wheeler



By the time Pam was back on the landing, all the downstairs lights were off and she knew that Leo was in their room. As she went down the landing, she heard a door open behind her and she knew that the older man was watching her from his doorway. She knocked on Leo’s door and she heard him tell her to come in. As she entered, she heard the door down the landing close. “You wish to talk to me, Master?”


“Yes, slave. Stand up there while I get ready for bed. Tonight, your behaviour was brazen. You acted like a slut, or, I should say, like a bitch on heat. Your behaviour in front of Peter was no better than a whore showing her wares to all and sundry. Whatever he must be thinking of my staff I just cannot imagine, but it had better not happen again. So, to help you to keep it firmly in your mind, I am going to warm your buttocks. This will only be a taste of what is to come if you misbehave in the future. I am doing it in the privacy of my bedroom to save your modesty, but next time I might not be so lenient. If the punishment warrants it, I will punish your buttocks in front of my guests. Do you understand, slave?”


“Yes, Master.”


“I think you did that so blatantly in some sort of attempt to upset me, but all you did was to give my guest a feeling of discomfort. Well, I am the Master, and it will be you who is upset and uncomfortable.”


Pam glanced at Leo, and she could see that apart from his boxers he was now naked.


“Now, strip off your clothes, you brazen slut, and place them on the chair next to the bed.” Leo walked across to the bed and sat in the middle with his back against the headboard. He watched her take off all her clothes. She was beautiful, and however many times he saw her naked, he could not help but stare at her perfect white skin completely free of the slightest blemish.


Pam was naked. She stood obediently by the side of the bed, looking to Leo for instructions.


“Lie over my thighs, and receive your punishment. As this is your first chastisement, I think I will be lenient. This is no more than a warning, but I know it will be the start of many that may not be so gentle.”


Pam lay down across his lap, feeling a thrill of anticipation running through her. It was the sensations she had felt so long ago before her mother had chastised her, but now there was something more that added to the arousal and made it so much more powerful.


“Put your hands behind your back.”


Once she had done that, she felt his hand hold them together at the wrists while other hand smoothed over the round cheeks of her buttocks. “I don’t want you making any noise,” he warned.


Slap! Slap! Slap!


The slaps were not heavy, but they stung. He alternated between each cheek of her buttocks, and although it was not done with much force, she could feel the growing heat. He kept it up for several minutes, and although she made no noise, mouth, he could now see a few tears. Leo knew he had no need to be cruel. This might be his slave for the next twelve months, but she was also the woman he loved. He let go of her wrists, and told her to stay where she was, and then he reached under the pillow and withdrew a bottle of baby oil. After pouring a little of the oil on each buttock cheek, he started to rub it gently into the skin. He was a little puzzled as to why Pam had not objected to the spanking or, in fact, to anything he had done so far.


After a short while, he stopped rubbing in the oil and turned her to look at her face. He could see that her tears had stopped, and he told her to stand up but not to rub her buttocks,


Pam stood at the side of the bed again. Something felt wrong, incomplete, as though she had been cheated somehow. She watched as Leo slid down the bed, put his thumbs in the waistband of his boxers, and pushed them down his legs and off. As he lay back, she could see that he was aroused and needed satisfaction.


He looked up at her and said, “Worship my body, slave. Show me that you still love me.”


Pam stepped forward and knelt on the bed. Leo watched as she put her head down to his groin area and then took his erect manhood in her mouth. She did not rush; she just closed her mouth and used her tongue, then slowly lifted and dropped. He could feel the hot breath coming out of her nose, and it was tickling his pubic hairs. Her hand was on his sack, and it was manipulating his glands. Both of them were already on a sexual high. Leo gently put his hands either side of her face, and then he lifted her head and gently pulled her on top of him. She responded, and once she had straddled across his waist, she lowered herself onto his manhood. Nothing was said, because there was no need to say anything. She had done this many times, but this time they were both sexually charged and they knew that there would not be long to wait for the climax. Pam was rising and falling, and the look on Leo’s face said it all. They exploded in orgasm together, and Pam lowered her body, pressing her soft breasts against his hairy chest. They stayed in this position for a short while, and then Pam slipped off and asked, “Where shall I sleep, Master?”


He looked at her and smiled, and he answered quietly, “You will sleep with me, slave. My slave will always sleep in my bed.” She slipped to his side and turned away from him. Leo turned on his side facing the same way, and he put his arm around her waist and kissed her on the shoulder. “Good night, slave.”


“Good night, Master.”


© Mason Wheeler

A Submissive Reborn

Author: Mason Wheeler

Publisher: Strict Publishing

Genre: BDSM, Fetish

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Pam must suffer humiliation, pain and sex with strangers. She must be a slut, a whore, and all because she was too bossy at work and flirted with a stranger. She must be her husband’s submissive. When her husband brings a dominant woman to share their bed, Pam’s position becomes still more uncertain


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