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Excerpt Day - Dirty Deed © R. M. Sotera


Comfortably in bed after beignets and community coffee at Café Du Monde, she glanced toward the open window on the sixteenth floor of their hotel room, a gift to them from Laurent. A cool southern breeze swayed the curtains as the space on the mattress next to her indented.


"Are you thinking about me, darlin'?"


Jett's seductive voice had a way of wrapping around her like a favorite blanket, making her feel safe and secure. "I'm thinking about this sexy dancer I know."


"Really? Is he good at what he does?"


Sophia bit back a chuckle. "I don't remember…I mean… it's been so long."


He embraced her, gently lowered his already nude body over hers. Looking down at her, he brushed the stray hair from in front of her face. "Really? You don't remember how good of a lover he is?"


Jett's sandalwood scent wafted across her senses, she touched his cheek. "One thing I do remember…I've never loved another human being like I love him."


He pressed his body against hers until their noses touched. His breath lingered on her lips, then he whispered, "This man loves every part of you…and always will."


"Show me, Jett." Her voice cracked in her throat.


Sophia tightened her arms around him, lost in the whirlwind of sensations moving through her body like a funnel cloud. He rubbed against her, the thick bulge between his legs pulsed against her pelvis. The heat in his loins exceeded the inferno operating through every vein in her body.


"Take your clothes off for me." His voice begged. "Strip for me, Sophia."


He released her, slid his body upright, placing his back against the headboard, and covered the lower half of his body with the sheet. Patiently he waited, his hooded gaze zeroed in on her as she sat briefly before kneeling in front of him.


Hoping she'd pasted her most sexy look on her face, she reached for the hem of her nightgown and slipped it over her head.


"Very nice." His surveying gesture moved up and down her body. "Remove the underwear."


His wish was her command. She slipped them off without a bit of awkward maneuvering. "Is that better?"


The hunger in his gaze practically melted the skin from her face. "We're getting there. Come here." He slipped the covers down, strategically uncovering his lower body. His cock jutted forward. "Make love to me, darlin'."


© R. M. Sotera

Dirty Deed

Author: R. M. Sotera

Publisher: eXtasy Books

Genre: Suspense, Menage

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A scorned woman on the run. A viking demon slayer torn between the love of his life and his lineage.

Las Vegas powerhouse, Sophia Dahl, is planning a wedding. Hers. But when she finds out before a romantic dinner that her dirty dancer fiancé, Jett, is actually a Norse demi-god slash viking demon slayer and is betrothed to someone else, her world as she knows it turns upside down.

Jett embraces his new duties, but his attempt to include Sophia in the First Rite sex ritual to power meld with Sasha fails. His betrayal sends Sophia running to the French Quarter of New Orleans and into the arms of a master vampire.

Can Jett and Sophia’s true love survive the seismic shift and new people in their lives? Or will Sophia’s speak now, think later attitude cause her to become dead as a doornail?

For total enjoyment of this book, one should read Dirty Dancer, prior to Dirty Deed.


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