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Excerpt Day - Away From Me © Sophie Oak



Cal moved behind her. He kicked at her feet, spreading her legs, and his hand moved between them. He slid his fingers all around her pussy. “That’s what I want. I want this little pussy wet and begging for me.”


It took everything Gaby had not to groan. It felt so good. His fingers slid through her juicy cunt, lighting up her every nerve ending. He teased her clit, running his finger just across it only to pull back and plunge into her pussy. The sound of her cunt sucking at his fingers filled the room. Gaby whimpered. She didn’t want his fingers. She wanted his cock. She wanted him to shove that big cock of his deep inside and ride her until she couldn’t think anymore.


His hand left her, and it was a mere second before it came down again on her ass. Tears blurred Gaby’s vision. She was so sore. She needed so much.


“That was for ruining a perfectly good glass of Scotch.”


She heard murmurs from the small crowd now gathering around. Gaby could see them in the mirror. They were shaking their heads in general agreement that she deserved to be punished for spilling a truly good single malt. At least ten people were standing around now, some men and some women. Gaby had been with Cal long enough to know that they wouldn’t bother Cal as long as they followed the rules of the dungeon. As long as they stayed quiet and didn’t interrupt him, he’d fuck her in front of a thousand people. It wouldn’t bother Gaby, either, as long as her shirt stayed on. What was bothering Gaby was an overwhelming need to come.


Cal took a step back. In the mirror, Gaby watched as he admired the marks he’d placed on her ass. He ran his hand across them, tracing the pink lines he found there. They would be gone by morning, she knew. Cal was always, always careful with her. He’d never raised a welt. He knew exactly how much pressure to exert to make the pain erotic. He leaned over, his blue eyes hot as he kissed each cheek. He turned back to the row of toys and unwrapped a medium sized anal plug.


Gaby whimpered. It had been so long since he’d filled her ass. It would burn and hurt all over again, just as it had when she was a virgin there. Her torture wasn’t over.


He poured lube over the plug, greasing it. When he parted the cheeks of her ass, Gaby shivered.


“Push out when I tell you to, pet. Do not disobey me or this plug will be all you get.”


Gaby felt him fit the head of the plug against her anus.


Cal swatted her sore ass. “Don’t tense.”


Gaby forced herself to relax. Cal pushed the plug, forcing her anus to open to take it.


“Press back, pet. That’s it. Such a pretty little asshole.”


Gaby took a deep breath and tried to flatten the small of her back, pressing out against the plug. She shivered at the sensation as the plug slid home. When Cal slapped her ass this time, every nerve clenched around the plug, a jangled cacophony of pain and pleasure.


He walked around and ran a hand through her hair. “Do not try my patience again, pet. Next time, I will not go so easy. Next time, I’ll have you on a St. Andrew’s Cross counting out twenty lashes of a single tail. I’ll pull you down and fuck your mouth, and you will not be allowed to come all night. Is that understood?”


Gaby nodded. She was hoping he wouldn’t put the “no coming” punishment on her this evening.


Cal’s hands went to his belt, and he shoved his slacks and boxers off. Normally, Gaby knew, he would neatly fold them, but tonight, he kicked them aside, a sure sign that he was losing his control.


He held his big dick in one hand and her head in the other. His fingers tangled in her hair. He pulled slightly, just a little sting. The sawhorse was perfectly adjusted to place her mouth right where he wanted it. “Get me hard, pet. Your Master wants to fuck his slave.”


She almost laughed. He was so hard he could pound nails. Gaby doubted the enormous cock in front of her could get any harder. She didn’t question him. She simply opened her mouth and let him push his way in. He didn’t require anything active from her when he was in this state. He merely wanted her compliance, and she gave it to him. He gently thrust himself in and out of her willing mouth.


His cock thrust forward as his hands pulled her head in. “That’s my good slave. Open wide for your Master. Your Master is going to fuck your mouth, then he’s going to take that hot ass of yours and give you a reaming you won’t forget.”


©  Sophie Oak


Away From Me

Author: Sophie Oak

Publisher: Siren Publishing (Bookstrand)

Genre: Erotic Romance, BDSM, Contemporary

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Shattered by the loss of his wife, Callum Reed is a man surrounded by rules designed to protect him. He has found the perfect submissive in Gaby Sullivan, until she breaks his cardinal rule.

After three years of perfect obedience, Gaby declares she wants love. Love isn’t in their contract, so Cal lets her go. But Gaby has a secret reason for leaving. When Cal discovers the truth, nothing will stop him from following her. On a secluded island paradise, Callum will do anything to prove he’s the perfect Master for his defiant, loving sub.

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