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With These words - Rachel Lynne


Ring of Lies

Ring of Lies is what I like to call a, “cozy romantic suspense” because, while danger and suspense follow my heroine, she is surrounded by quirky characters and unusual situations that provide much needed levity amidst the chaos invading her well ordered world.

My heroine, Ivy Michaels, craves normality after a childhood lived by hook or by crook with a free spirited and eccentric aunt. A neo hippy chef, Ivy’s Cosmic Café is slated to open in the historic district of Savannah, Georgia just weeks before the annual St. Patrick’s Day festivities deluge the city with partying tourists. Her life is on track, all her ducks are marching in unison; music to a control freak’s heart. Until someone changes the beat.

Ivy’s aunt is found floating in the Savannah River. As executor of her aunt’s estate, such as it is, Ivy delves into the past and uncovers a mystery that leads her into the arms of a sexy ex-cop and a head on collision with a stone cold killer.

I moved to Savannah a few years ago and found my muse. Our Live Oak lined avenues dripping with ghostly tendrils of Spanish moss, cobblestoned streets, and darkened alleys along the river front make Savannah a perfect backdrop for tales of suspense. As one of the nation’s oldest cities we have plenty of long buried secrets and probably a ghost or two; we aren’t called America’s Most Haunted City for nothing! Coexisting with the historic houses, horse drawn carriages, and ghost tours is a vibrant and eclectic art and music scene, some of which has made its way into Ring of Lies. As if that weren’t enough, Savannah is a great place to eat! As a former caterer I have made it my duty to sample our local eateries and proclaim their delicacies to the visiting public … the sacrifice is great but hey, we’ve all got to do our part ;)!

I love my city and the coastal areas that surround her so it was only natural that I set my stories here. I love the local lore and am always seeking new tales; historic and supernatural. I share these legends and ghost stories on my blog and the sights, sounds, and occasionally the recipes of the region on my website. So, as our famous resident Paula Deen chef would say, “Ya’ll come see us, ya hear?”

© Rachel Lynne

Featured Book

Ring of Lies

Author: Rachel Lynne

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Genre: Romance Suspense

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A café owner and an ex-cop must unravel the mystery surrounding a hot blue diamond in order to stop a cold blooded killer.

After a childhood lived on the road with a free-spirited Aunt,  all café owner Ivy Michaels wants is a normal and uneventful life but when her Aunt is found floating in the Savannah River Ivy inherits an heirloom blue diamond and a killer bent on keeping the past buried.

Dom Riordan is an ex-cop obsessed with finding his mother's killer. A chance meeting, and a glimpse of evidence he's been seeking, convinces him that Ivy Michaels is the key to solving the crime. Dom devises a plan to date Ivy and ferret out the truth but he didn't count on losing his heart. As a  ruthless killer closes in on Ivy, Dom will risk everything to keep her safe.


About Rachel

Rachel Lynne is an avid reader of all romance genres. Over the years she tried her hand at penning a novel or two but it wasn't until she moved to the beautiful and historic city of Savannah, Georgia that she found her muse.

Her contemporary romantic suspense novels are filled with the history and atmosphere that is unique to the coastal environment she calls home. When not plotting her latest action packed story she can be found meandering the live oak lined streets of Savannah looking for inspiration or people watching at a local side walk café.





Welcome to the world of publishing Rachel and I wish you every success.…..

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