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With These Words – LaVerne Clark

Guardian of the Jewel

Guardian of the Jewel is set in the wild, West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island, in an old gold-mining town now reduced to a ghost town. The rugged beauty of Waiuta lends itself to a romance, especially to one of the heart-pounding, suspense variety I love to write.

Once a bustling township of hard-working men and women who dreamed big, today it is a whispering shadow of what it once was. The few scattered buildings that survive today stand in silent testimony to the abrupt closure of the mine and with it, many a family’s livelihood. When walking through the over-long grass, you’ll be surprised here and there with relics from the past. An old horse-shoe, shaped to its owner, forgotten and rusty with age. A pewter mug perched on a paint-chipped windowsill, having served its last quenching brew many years before.

The loneliness of the old town reached out to me and demanded I give it life again, and I was glad to oblige. The more I researched the area, the more fascinated I was. I was intrigued to find a group of people had adopted the town, determined to make sure its story was not forgotten. The Friends of Waiuta and their website was an invaluable tool in the telling of my story. I’m looking forward to meeting the Chairman of the committee when my family and I camp on the outskirts of Waiuta over the Christmas holidays. It’ll be a kind of homecoming for me. There is a magical quality to the place that makes anything feel possible. I’m hoping to bump into Gabriel or Amy while I’m there. I hope my story transports you into the world of my characters and the tiny piece of Aotearoa they inhabit. It’s been a pleasure sharing the journey with you.

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Guardian of the Jewel

Author: LaVerne Clark

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Genre: Romantic Suspense

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After coming to terms with the brutal death of her husband by unknown thugs half a world away from New Zealand, Amy Hamblin concentrates on bringing up their son alone, struggling to make their dream of an action-adventure tourism venture a success.

When a dark, dangerous-looking man knocks on her door late at night claiming to be a guest; the safe, quiet life she’d created is suddenly anything but...

Gabriel Ryan’s task of finding the priceless blue diamond Amy’s husband stole from an underground thieving ring, is made all the more difficult by the attraction that sizzles between them. Playing a role had never been so hard, and now, with a ruthless killer on the trail of the missing jewel as well, he needed all his wits about him to keep them all alive.


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Like the heroines in my stories, I married my own gorgeous hero and have been blessed with a school-aged son and a toddler-aged daughter. Before then, like any good romance, we had ups and downs before realizing life was so much better when we were together - and we've been together ever since.

I'm passionately involved with the charitable organization, "Greyhounds as Pets" after falling in love and adopting my own ex-racing greyhound, and became the Area Coordinator for my region. In the back of my mind was the old adage of owners looking like their dogs, but sadly, my legs don't seem to have got any longer and my waist hasn't shrunk to minuscule proportions, but on a good note, at least my nose hasn't gotten any longer!

I'm a member of Romance Writers of New Zealand and live in the beautiful coastal town of Nelson at the top of the South Island, the sun capital of the country

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Welcome to the world of publishing LaVerne and I wish you every success.…..

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Blodeuedd on 10 December 2010 at 19:59 said...

Aww real life love is always nice to read about :) And life is sure best together

LaVerne Clark on 11 December 2010 at 08:52 said...

Thanks for having me on your beautiful site!

And I agree Blodeuedd - I love hearing about other's true life love stories too : )

Maeve Greyson on 11 December 2010 at 13:51 said...

I absolutely love your cover. New Zealand is on my wishlist to visit. Best of luck to you LaVerne...although I know you're headed for the stars!