Saturday, 18 December 2010

Weekly Geeks – That perfect hiding place?


This is the season where we are not only battling to get the gifts we want in time for the big day but it’s also the time where we have to find the perfect hiding place to put said gift.

Some of us might be lucky enough to be able to use the same cubby hole year after year, but as the kids grow older or huddy or wife starts getting more ambitious with their searching so it becomes your mission to find a newer and better hiding place.

But what about those hiding place we use month after month, day after day that are just for those book that you don't want to leave on the bookshelves for the mother-in-law to see or those books that the kids are definately not ready for or even those books that are so near to your heart that you could not bear them being tarnished by the grubby little mitts of friends and family.

Are you using your sock draws as I am for some of my risqué material or do you use the row behind the main row on the bookshelf. Wherever you are hiding your stash of book – tell us?

Find out from your readers as well where they are keeping theirs, you might pick up a tip or two when your latest hiding place is the first place the kids look this weekend.

My Thoughts

I figured out early in my life that in order to read and hold on to the juiciest materials I had to find some decent hiding place to keep them

Growing up I used to use under the mattress, not only boys keep their porn under there you know – even girls keep their porn under there as well. During my teenage years I had to really get creative to hid my Mill&Boons and Avon titled books – which in my mother’s eyes were porn anyway and she was adamant that I was not to read those books..

Over the years I have used a little of everything, the second row on the bookshelves, the linen cupboard, and even my knickers draw.

One of my favourite hiding place now as you can see from the picture above is my socks draw, I hid my books and my chocolate bars in there. I am not sure why my boys do not go into my sock draw but I am glad as it makes the perfect place to hid some contraband.

I also use a bit of my closet as well to have a very mini stash which as been holding out for a good few years now – seeing as my closet have a lock on it I think I will be good with that one for a while to go yet.

Where do you guys hide your book stash, yes even the porn?  


4 Speak To Me:

Blodeuedd on 18 December 2010 at 12:18 said...

I think those would be the last one to call porn, my mum never cared if I read one of those every day :)

Tam on 18 December 2010 at 13:21 said...

When I was a teen my parents were not readers so likely had no clue what those bodice rippers my neighbor was lending me were all about. LOL

I've never really had to hide stuff. My kid is not a snooper by nature. I can leave something sitting in a bag in the middle of the floor for weeks and she'll never look in it. It's funny. She also seems to have no interest in my book so they are randomly scattered around our house. She thinks manga/yaoi is dumb so never picks it up nor any of my other books. It's kind of easy that way and now that she's coming up on 16 it's not as much of an issue anyway, I do sometimes share with her m/m books that are not as explicit. However my bottom drawer (pjs and bathing suits) usually works as a pretty good hiding space. :-)

Chris on 18 December 2010 at 17:51 said...

Growing up, my parents paid no attention to what I was reading, so I didn't have hiding spots. Now I live by myself, so again - no hiding spots. :D

Zee on 19 December 2010 at 00:21 said...

I don't hide stuff too often, but when I have something that needs to be hid, it goes in the underwear drawer.