Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Some Things I'd Like to Do

I don’t want to call it goals or even resolution as I am rubbish at stuff like that… Mood swings rules my day and I have kids so my time is not my own until I can suitably kick them out of the house and change the locks…

But as the new year approaches it is only natural to catalogue that list of things that I would like to get through. I am not one for these larger than life goals – I like to treasure the little things, I love to be surprised by the everyday mundane stuff so I make realistic goals, so I am not pushed for time to get them done and miss out on that adventure in my life or the little things that pass through mine and my kids day. That said, there are some things that I would like to do this coming year, hope to do or even make a concerted effort to get done in a timely manner this 2011.


Sort out my online book shelf – Honestly if I was just a little bit more consistent and organized about this it would save me a whole lot of bother when it comes to book I buy and series I follow. One of the draw back with eBooks for me is, once read it kinda goes onto the hard drive of doom where I never catalogue and I just treat it like a dumping ground.

With a big portion of my time spend online, if I sort out my Goodreads and my Shelfari shelves that would be at least 70% of the battle done.

 Schedule reviews.. For the a long while after I started blogging I was so good at scheduling post especially reviews, but I think there just comes a time when interest wanes or the need to review every book one reads is not vitally important as actually reading the books themselves.

However in the big scheme of thing I must never forget that my blog/site is not just there for book pimping, shout outs, giveaways etc, but it is about the reviews – no mater how short or how long and I  really need to get back to that.

Get back to using my library more.  I am  a huge fan of the library – not online library, the brick and mortar place we go to, to get books and then take them home and never read them sometimes.

I used the library this year 2010 for my graphic novel challenge and I will admit I did find some treasure along the way over the year – but as a source for my main reading material, it just doesn’t work – as there is normally a queue to get a recently released book.

But as life goes if you don't use something it is prone to being scrapped or phased out and that will happen to my little library if I don’t support it – so I really must come up with a system to support my library more this coming year..

Expand my vocabulary – This one I definately blame on my kids – I find the older they get, I use words like “use it, move it, tidy up” too much.

I really need adult conversation in my daily diet. Probably the library will help in that department.. Let’s see how the year pans out in regards to this area.

Leaving comments  – Over the past couple of months I have really dragged my feet on commenting, both on my blog and other places. I need to address this post haste, although I read a huge volume of blogs during the day -  I rarely comment, sometimes I am just so tired by the time I get in and other times it’s all been said already – but guess what, it really does take all of us to make this community work and I am certainly not doing my bit…

So I am pulling my sock up and flexing my fingers – so you’ll be seeing me on comments more - soon..

Using my RSS reader. I am not sure how you guys keep up to date with blog roll – but it is super hard for me and I find I visit the regular set everyday and “A” good bunch get missed.

I am starting to use the Feedly thing as it does an automatic refresh when I hit the page which is good, as I can see which blog has updated and I can just pop along and  see what was posted. Now just to remember to check it morning and evening or else I will be inundated with post and I get really overwhelmed and just feel the need to press “read all” when that happens..


Those are just the stuff that relates to the blog..

There’s still !!!!

Connecting with friends

Brave up and try my first cup of coffee

Touch a snake

Find that elusive fruit salad that works for me

Figure out how to keep the cats out of my lavender bushes




Any plans on your agenda for 2011?


10 Speak To Me:

Theresa on 28 December 2010 at 21:48 said...

Just thought I'd share this with you: http://www.fictfact.com

It's a site I use to keep track of all the series I am reading. It lets you mark the books you read and even tells you which book you need next, along with any books in the series that are due to be released. :) Worth a look, and I hope it helps!

Erotic Horizon on 28 December 2010 at 22:45 said...

Hey Theresa

Thanks for reminding of this - I do have a login with them... just need to go in and tidy up the setting and hopefully sort out my read list from my need to read list...

Thank again hon..


Anonymous said...

Great post, E.H.!

In the coming year, my goals are to try to be more organized in all aspects of my life and to be more positive.

Erotic Horizon on 28 December 2010 at 23:32 said...


Funnily I am good with the eveyday stuff being organised - it's the online stuff that tends to run aways with me sometimes...

Fingers cross we'll both learn to sort our selves out in 2011...


Kris on 29 December 2010 at 05:05 said...

Goals?? Hmmm. Goals... *ponders*

Ava March on 29 December 2010 at 07:32 said...

Good luck with your 2011 to-do list!

I've tried coffee...not all that fab. But rumor has it there are people who absolutely love it. Fruit salad is yummy though, so I hope you find one that works for you :)

Lily on 29 December 2010 at 15:11 said...

I've got to organize my GRs shelves also and definitely get back into reviewing more often. I do try to comment as much as I can but I know it can get a bit overwhelming sometimes.

Good luck with your goals! :)

Rikki on 29 December 2010 at 19:02 said...

These are good goals for the next year. I do the same with my ebooks, they are scattered around my HD and I never tidy up, but at least my GR shelf is somewhat up to date.

Happy New Year E.H.!

Blodeuedd on 29 December 2010 at 21:17 said...

I like your goals :)

My goals, oh I actually love scheduling, I think I love it too much, but as long as it works I will go with it, it makes me happy

Chris on 30 December 2010 at 04:01 said...

I haven't tried Feedly, but I COULD NOT survive without Google Reader.