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Excerpt Day - A Sylver & Steele Story: The Werewolf In Red © Mimi Riser


...I feel the touch of his consciousness inside mine. But that’s not where I want his touch. More potent is the physical feel of him. Warm flesh under my palms, hot breath on my face… If I lean forward an inch, I could kiss him.


“The whole planet is in danger, and you’re thinking of sex?” he growls.


“Yeah. Bad me.” I flash him a wolfish grin. “It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the fact you’re naked, could it?”


And it seems like years since we’ve made love.


“Only a few weeks,” he corrects. But he’s weakening, I see it in his eyes.


“That long?” I stroke my hands down his bare back, and his growl becomes a groan.


“Too long,” he rasps out.


I’m glad we agree on something.


“So…what do you want to do about it?” I ask, my voice going husky.


He groans again. “Nothing. There isn’t time. We have to find Vlad and stop him before he strikes.”


“Bullshit. The kind of seeds he’s planted won’t sprout overnight. You don’t think he’s going to take over anything in the next five minutes, do you?” I punctuate the question by grazing my lips over Hunter’s.


“Um…probably not,” he concedes on a hoarse breath.


“Good, then we have time for a quickie before we go after him.”


“You’re a real pain in the ass,” Hunter grumbles, but doesn’t resist when I push him backward onto the seat and straddle his thighs. “There’s not enough room back here.”


“Bitch, bitch, bitch. So we’re jammed together like sardines. This is a problem?”


“It is if you want to fuck. I’m too cramped to move. And your skirts are in the way.”


“Ah, but that’s the beauty of skirts. You just have to lift them to provide easy access to the fun stuff.” I demonstrate by hiking my petticoats to reveal I’m wearing nothing beneath but black stockings and red garters. My erect cock juts forward like the bowsprit of a sailing ship.


Anchors away!

“Sylver, for godssake, this is a public street. Anyone could walk by and look in the windows.”


“In that case, we’d better give ’em a good show, hadn’t we?”


What can I say, I’m an exhibitionist. It’s why I belong on the stage.


“You belong in a cage, you pervert.”


“Or purr-vert? Takes one to know one, pussycat. Keep it up, flattery will get you everywhere.”


Growling, I fall on Hunter like a hungry wolf—which I am, even if outwardly I’m in cancan-clad human form. When desire calls, my inner beast answers. Animal instinct rules the night.


Rowrrr… If I could, I’d start at his hairline and eat my way down to his toenails. But he’s right, there’s not much space to maneuver in here.


Then again, how much space do we need? It occurs to me we’re in a perfect position right now to slick leg it. I bunch my skirts around my waist and grind our groins together—skin to skin, man to man—rub my dick against Hunter’s. Damn, that feels good.


With a guttural moan, he surrenders to rising fever, and that feels even better. He digs a hand between us, fists both rods in one firm grip, and squeezes.


Lightning crackles. The windows steam. If we could bottle him, it would solve the world’s energy woes. Talk about generating electricity. I comb fingers through his silky black hair and attack his lips—kissing, nipping, sucking—ravenous for the taste of him. A little salty, a little sweet, all red-hot spicy…mmm… While Hunter pumps our cocks, I tongue-fuck his mouth.


I’d rather fuck his ass, but I’ll take what I can get. Considering the close quarters—or maybe because of them—we’re doing pretty damn good, I think.


“Better than I expected,” he pants out, dragging his lips off mine. Luminous with lust, his eyes blaze up at me. “If you slide forward a little, I’ll bet I could fuck your ass.”


“Terrific. We’ll try that next. But if you stop the hand action now, I’ll rip your balls out by the roots.” My own balls burn with anticipation. A volcanic pressure fills me. I’m almost ready to erupt...


© Mini Riser


The Werewolf In Red

(A Sylver & Steele Story)

Author: Mimi Riser

Publisher: Amber Quill

Genre: Paranormal GLBT

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Sequel to the Amber Allure best-seller Thunderball...

Buckle up your seatbelts! Mismatched lovers Sylver Starr and Hunter Steele are back in a brand new adventure, and it’s going to be a very bumpy ride...

For starters, Sylver suspects Hunter is cheating on him. Again. Hunter, you see, is a cat-shifter, and we all know how tomcats are, right? They’re not famous for fidelity. Sylver, on the other hand, is a werewolf, faithful to the core. Wolves mate for life, for better or worse. Still, if it ends up the latter, and the worse gets bad enough... Well, hell, he’s a man, too, isn’t he? If Hunter’s doing him wrong, could anyone really blame Sylver for seeking a little extracurricular comfort? Especially since he knows just where to look for it.

Sylver’s not your average werewolf, after all. When he’s not wearing fur, you can usually find him in a dress. He used to be a professional drag queen, the star attraction of Philadelphia’s Red Banana Revue. Since marrying Hunter, however, Sylver has been a secret agent for Earth Guardians, Inc., Hunter being the founder and chief of that covert corps. But Sylver doesn’t much like playing secret agent. The hours suck, and people are always trying to kill him. It’s an excessively nerve-wracking gig. Given the choice, he’d much rather return to his first love—The Stage.

That’s how Sylver ends up in the “City of Brotherly Love”—without Hunter—for a night of gaudy décor and bawdy entertainment at Philly’s très gay answer to the Moulin Rouge. Maybe he’ll find solace by joining in the club’s grand finale cancan. If Hunter doesn’t find him first.

Meanwhile, there’s a megalomaniac vampire plotting to take over the world, a crazy countess with her own hidden agenda, a Plain Jane Cinderella who needs a fairy godmother (or four), and a basset hound-shifter butler who’s just met his predestined life-mate, but isn’t happy about it. Somehow, Sylver and Hunter must sort out their own problems while helping their friends—and saving the world, of course.

Did you ever have one of those nights?...

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