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Excerpt Day – The Perfect Family © Kathryn Shay



Jamie had been magnificent in Brigadoon and his drama teacher said he’d be a top candidate for a drama scholarship if he sent out a tape of the performance with his college applications next fall. Brian was flying high because he’d been chosen captain of the baseball team, and Mike was happy with his church activities. She and Mike were doing okay, too. Thinking of last night’s lovemaking, she sang louder.


Jamie appeared in the doorway of the laundry room. “Rockin’ Mama!”


Glancing up from Mike’s shirt—she was trying to get a stain out of the sleeve—she grinned and lowered the music. “Hey, buddy.”


“You sound happy.”


“I am.” She angled her head to the CD player. “Reminds me of my old boyfriend.”


“Yeah? Do tell.”


She shrugged. “Not much to tell. He was pretty well-off. Grandma Lorenzo didn’t like him, so I snuck out to see him.” Slouched against the doorjamb, her son cocked his head. “I’m sorry you had such a tough childhood.”


“You know what I finally figured out? Some people have wonderful childhoods, then hard times with their kids. I had it bad when I was young, but hit the jackpot with you guys. I wouldn’t trade the two.”


“And you might even get your sister back.”


“I will, Jame. I know it.”


“It’s so weird, having three people in my family I’ve never met.” Gertrude Lorenzo’s legacy. Though she tried not to ponder what
her mother would do when she found out Caroline was in their lives again, fear washed over her like a cold shower at unexpected times like this.


Jamie sank down on one of the two steps that led to the laundry room from the hallway. Buck came up and nosed at him, wedging in the space between the doorway and Jamie’s knee. He began to rub the dog’s neck.


Maggie stopped scrubbing and watched her son. “You want to talk, honey? You seem, I don’t know, sad. Or nostalgic.”


“Maybe nostalgic.”


“Is it the letdown from the play? You always feel blue after the school musical is over.”


“No. It’s not that.” He bit his lip. “I gotta talk to you, though.” Her pulse rate sped up. Good news never followed that statement.
She dropped the shirt on the washing machine and leaned against it.




“I have a date Friday night.”


“That’s good, isn’t it?”


“I think so.” His gaze locked with hers. “I hope you do, too.”


“Of course I do. Can we meet her?”


“It’s not a her, Mom. It’s a him.”


“A him?” She stared at her son blankly. The sound of the refrigerator across the room, the ticking of the clock on the wall
seemed unnaturally loud. When the realization hit, her mother’s heart tightened in her chest. “You have a date with a boy.”
A long pause. “It’s okay, isn’t it?”


Please, God, let me handle this right. After a moment of speechlessness, she said, “O-of course it is.” Jamie’s fingers tightened on Buck’s collar. Suddenly he seemed smaller, more fragile, in his jeans and sweatshirt. Maggie crossed to him, knelt down, and took both of his hands in hers. His were freezing cold. “Honey, you know there’s nothing you could ever tell me, ever do or feel that would make me love you less.”


A frown. “Yeah, I know that.”


Well, she’d done that right. At least he knew her love was unconditional. But oh my God…the ramifications of his admission
were far reaching. “I just…I don’t want this to make you sad. Especially now that you’re so happy about Aunt Caroline.” He glanced down at the linoleum, then back to her again. “Are you upset?”


“That you’re gay?”




You have no idea.


© Kathryn Shay


Perfect Family, The

Author: Kathryn Shay

Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

Genre: GLBT

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What happens to the "perfect family" when the future suddenly changes in the most unexpected way?

Seventeen-year old Jamie Davidson doesn't think being gay should be such a big deal...until he comes out to his parents and friends. Even as Jamie celebrates no longer needing to hide his true self and looks forward to the excitement of openly dating another boy, the entire Davidson family is thrown into turmoil. Jamie's father Mike can't reconcile his religious beliefs with his son's sexuality. His brother Brian is harassed by his jock buddies and angry at Jamie for complicating all their lives. Maggie, his mother, fears being able to protect her son while struggling to save her crumbling marriage. And Jamie feels guilty for the unhappiness his disclosure has caused. Every member of their 'perfect family' must search their hearts and souls to reconnect with each other in this honest, heartwarming, and hopeful look at the redemptive power of love and family.


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