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Excerpt Day - Cowboys for Christmas © Destiny Blaine



"I don’t know why you’re pouting," Brandon spat a few minutes later. "She didn’t tell us to hit the road, she just told us to wait out here until she dressed in private."


"I guess I was hoping for an explicit expression of gratitude."


Brandon pointed toward the mantle. "Don’t forget. She probably has a boyfriend."


Quinn ignored him and eyed the bookcase. "The boyfriend isn’t what I’ve been thinking about. What I’m wondering is why she has so many of those Carla Carrington books."


Julie strolled in the kitchen like a breath of fresh air. She lit up the place with an easy smile and a refreshing stroke of confidence. "Carla Carrington is my pseudonym."


"Do huh?" Brandon asked, chin dropping.


"Your pseudonym?" Quinn asked for clarification.


"Yeah," Julie said. "I’m a writer."


Brandon felt like something was stuck in his chest. She wasn’t just a writer. She was the best selling, award-winning author of scorching hot books often made into explicit after-dark television movies. She’d been on the lips of quite a few talk show hosts who openly covered the demise of morals in today’s world. Carla Carrington wrote the kind of books that Brandon wouldn’t have let his daughter read—assuming he had a daughter, which he didn’t. On the other hand, if he had a wife, Carla’s books would’ve been mandatory reading.


"You said you’re a writer," Brandon began, clearing his throat. "But Carla Carrington is..."


"I’m Carla," she interrupted. "I write under a couple of pseudonyms."


Quinn looked around the small cottage. He was probably thinking the same thing Brandon was. Why did she live in such a small house if she was really Carla Carrington? Carla should’ve been living in an oceanfront mansion with a full crew doting on her, bringing her chocolate covered mints and arranging social events.


The woman behind the world’s most scandalous writing should not have been dressed in hide-tight blue jeans, a low-cut fitted sweater, and have her hair tossed up in a clumsy ponytail. A woman writing explicit scenes like the one Brandon had read earlier should not have looked like an adorable barely legal girl!


Brandon was suddenly uncomfortable. He shifted his weight from one foot to the other. "How old are you?"


"Twenty-six, why?"


"Just curious. That’s all." He was also amazed he could speak.


"Do you have a boyfriend?" Quinn blurted out.


Way to fucking go! Brandon set his jaw and watched the color drain from Julie’s cheeks. Brandon shot Quinn a cold stare. "You can quit foaming at the mouth anytime now."


Quinn didn’t say anything. Brandon braced for fighting words. The cold glare he received raked over him about as deliberately as a verbal retaliation.


Brandon decided what the hell. Quinn started this. "Do you have a boyfriend?" He’d die right there if she said she had a husband.
"No, I do not." She marched across the kitchen, opened the pantry, and retrieved two jars of her homemade soup, setting them on the small island in the kitchen’s center. "Anyone hungry?"


Brandon grinned, staring at her ass. "Honey, I’m practically starving."


© Destiny Blaine

Cowboys for Christmas

Author: Destiny Blaine

Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press

Genre: Erotic Western Romance /Ménage

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Julie Kensworth opens her door to more than a blizzard and greets two wayward cowboys. She realizes right away she’s headed straight for the eye of the storm.

Brandon Blake and Quinn Stewart are a long way from home. They’re looking for a warm place to hang their hats while they try to wait out the snow and ice, which continues to gain momentum.

Julie is an author and she’s not just the average writer, she’s one of the most notorious writers in the world. When Quinn and Blake figure out Julie is an erotic romance author, well, needless to say, their minds churn with all sorts of ideas, most of them geared toward how they can heat up the cold winter nights ahead.

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Sophia (FV) on 30 December 2010 at 07:13 said...

I'm not gonna lie, when I saw Cowboys for Christmas I was over here like lubed lightning!! lol. Nice excerpt, I might need to check this one out.

Hope all is well with you my friend. xoxo