Monday, 1 November 2010

With These Words – Getting involved

This feature is for Newbies - New authors to the industry so to speak, those that basically needs a hand in getting some promo out.

This features is posted two days per week for now (Monday and Friday ) and is geared towards introducing new authors to readers and they in turn can introduce their work and their characters to the reading public.

This is not an interview post or a giveaway post - This is just for FIRST BOOK  and FIRST TIME AUTHORS book pimping.

Who can contact me

New authors,their publishers or person or persons willing to take responsibility and are available for communication to ensure smooth article management right up to the point of actual post date.

How to contact me

You can contact me directly on my email address erotichorizon (at) .  I do respond to every email within 48-72 hours. If however you have not heard from me during that time please resend your email..

Please do not contact me through twitter or facebook  - I WILL NOT RESPOND!!!!!


What do I need

. Title of book

. Name of author

. Publisher details

. Genre

. Blurb

. A buy link .. (Work must be already released, as this is a new feature release can be backdated to up to three - six months to be featured)

. A large cover image of the book or a link to the image.

. Plus a short piece on the book - basically sell their product. I am hoping to keep this as short as possible so between 1500 - 2000 words would be perfect. (This is mandatory – Please check out what others have written HERE)

. Link to an excerpt. Excerpts must be of a decent length if you would like the post to be linked to it (To be clear three paragraph is not an excerpt).

. Article can be scheduled without an excerpt, not using an excerpt will not affect the article itself.

When to contact me

Contact can be made up to three month in advance of release date - so as to ensure the required spot needed.

Additional info...

Photo of author is not essential - however all available contact details would be in the authors best interest to have attached to the post.  

I will have to operate on a first come first serve basis - when it comes to locking in dates - so if required dates are not available - I am more than willing to accommodate at a later time.

Take a chance.

None of these criteria's are set in stone, please drop me a line and I will get back to you if you feel your book or releases falls close to the time line that I have set..
Thank you for reading.

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