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With These Words – Cristal Ryder

For the Ryde of your life!

Men, yummy, delectable, muscled and oh so sexy. It doesn’t matter the colour of their eyes, the shade of their hair or if they have lots of it or none, if they are tall and lean or strong and powerful, whether in a suit, jeans or kilt. You gotta love’m. The sports nut, to the romantic lover. Cowboy, pirate or business mogul, they are all our hero’s. We need them to create our worlds of fantasy, romance, love and sex. Our hero needs an equally strong heroine to complement him. Someone that will challenge him, understand him and love him.

These tales are our escape from the real world to a place where we can lose ourselves in the powerful emotion and feelings of our characters, where we can become them and fulfill our desires and fantasies through their experiences.

I hope to accomplish this for you. To spirit you away where you are the heroine, whoever she may be in the story. You love her, love being her and thrill at experiencing everything she does. You desire the hero as much as she does and root for her down her journey of discovery and passion. My goal is to make you feel and live her fantasy with her.

My first erotica novella, No Fantasy Required is being released today, November 8 by Lyrical Press. I was inspired to write this a few of years ago for my own man and it grew into this wonderful story of discovery for the heroine and the best part, her hero is right beside her all the way. Together they explore and experience a fantasy only previously talked about but never acted upon.

Next year my 2nd novella, also about fantasies will be available, Lost in Fantasy – Being Ariana. I love this story and the mystery that revolves around the heroine and hero as they discover themselves in a variety of unexpected ways.

The other day I had my first ever review and I’m thrilled to share it, from Happily Ever After Reviews. Receiving a review like this means a great deal and inspires me to remember the reader when I write and to create worlds that are real enough so you feel like you are experiencing them first hand.

I hope you follow me on my journey of storytelling as I pen new stories with passionate and inquisitive characters, in places of intrigue and fantasy where you can escape into. It’s a discovery to me as well, this new world of being published and I’m loving it!

Please remember to visit my fledgling blog and website as they grow along with me.

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No Fantasy Required

Publisher: Lyrical Press, Inc

Genre: Romance/Contemporary

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A threesome isn't only a man's fantasy....

Ever been tempted to fulfill your fantasy and experience something taboo? Brian and Kelly have…and they do just that when they escape to a mountain resort to de-stress and enjoy their favorite pastime – sex. There, they meet mysterious Tauni.

One hot man and two sexy women heat up the mountain air that leaves no fantasy required.



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  Welcome to the world of publishing Cristal and I wish you every success.…..

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Thank you for the opportunity to be here!!

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Thanks again... If anyone would like more info, please feel free to ask!