Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Wednesday Musings – I love Autumn !!!


Nature is mighty
Nature is strong
Nature is usually always right
Nature is rarely ever wrong

Nature is beauty
Nature is moody
Nature is smart
Nature always has the greater part

Nature is blue
Nature is green
Nature is every color possibly seen
Nature is true

Nature is beaming
Nature is dreaming
Nature is in every place
Nature is always with grace

Nature is true
Nature is you
Nature is me
Nature will forever be free.

© anees akbar

11 Speak To Me:

Tam on 3 November 2010 at 14:16 said...

Nice poem. I am not a fan of fall only because I know that means winter is not far behind and scraping the frost off my car windows this morning was not so fun. The smell of rotting leaves doesn't do it for me either. LOL I prefer spring. That means winter is OVER!

Word veri: bowel ... ewwwww.

wren boudreau on 3 November 2010 at 14:44 said...

I Love Autumn! The poem is nice, but the picture - 1,000 words and more. Thanks for sharing!

Blodeuedd on 3 November 2010 at 17:18 said...

Peaceful and beautiful :)

Ava March on 4 November 2010 at 04:46 said...

Lovely poem, EH!

I'm with Tam on Autumn - it means winter is coming and *shudders*.

Erotic Horizon on 5 November 2010 at 20:14 said...


Look at the bright side of the season - changing leaf colours - cooler weather and I think some people like myself are just ready for a break in the hot weather...

Even with rotting leaves and approaching colder weather - still love this season..


Erotic Horizon on 5 November 2010 at 20:14 said...

@Wren ..

I agree, that picture is fab...

As soon as I saw it I thought WOW..


Erotic Horizon on 5 November 2010 at 20:15 said...


Thanks hon..

It is a calming piece..


Erotic Horizon on 5 November 2010 at 20:16 said...


I know you hate the winter - but look for the small things in the autumn season - you'll be surprised how much you enjoy them..


Lily on 7 November 2010 at 04:33 said...

Nice poem and I totally love the picture. Gorgeous!

Erotic Horizon on 7 November 2010 at 22:01 said...


I took your lead and went google hopping - and found it...

It is just gorgeous...


Rafał on 26 January 2012 at 14:20 said...

If you are using someone else's work, at least mention the author. It goes without saying that you should ask for permission ...

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