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Review - Midnight Secrets © Wendy Ely

Midnight Secrets

Author: Wendy Ely

Publisher Lyrical Press

Genre: Romance

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Will Miguel’s whispered midnight promises ever see the light of day?

Content with her job as small town waitress and roll of single mom, Allison believes she's better off without a man. In her opinion, all they bring is chaos - and that includes the father of her child. So why has Miguel’s arrival shaken her so badly?

It's not easy for Allison to keep Miguel a secret with someone set on shutting down her bakery and the local sheriff believing she harbors a vendetta against the town because of her tormented past.

Keeping her secrets and clearing her name just might be harder than Allison ever imagined.

Content warning: This book contains cold family situations during the day and hot nights (erotic content)


She wasn’t like Christine, but that didn’t mean she would accept what he’d done. But how long would he be able to keep it from her? Each time they were together, he felt the words linger on the tip of his tongue, ready to slip out at any moment.

As he drove down Allison’s street, a nervousness settled over him. All the lights were off in the house. She always left her light on, but not tonight. He hoped she hadn’t fallen asleep. Even though he felt like a teenager again, sneaking in her house at night, he understood the issues she was facing tonight. Her mom was sick and no sitter. He’d do what he had to in order to see her.

As soon as he pulled into the driveway and flipped off the headlights, the front door opened. He climbed out, set the alarm on his car and hoped the beep didn’t wake anyone inside. She smiled at him as he ran across the yard and up the steps. His lips planted against hers. As far as he was concerned, he’d been away from her long enough.

She held the door open for him as she put her finger to her lips and said, “Shh.”

© Wendy Ely


My Thoughts

Growing up in a small town is never easy, toss into the mix a family reputation and people out to prove them right is just not the ideal set up for anyone and this is the reality that Allison finds herself in.

She has had years to shore up her defences however and just get on with her  life, because after all she has people who depend on her and not only at home either.

Allison is also susceptible to the phenomenon that things tends to happen to people in lots of three and so not only has the business she has worked so hard to achieve comes under attack, her kids wayward father chooses now to turn and to top it off she meets a man that makes her take a second look even if she doesn’t want to.

It is really a mix bag of heaven and hell for Allison and irrespective of the fact that she love the tingly moments she has with with her new beau  she is just mightily fed up with the rest of it all.…

Miguel is one of those people who listened to the gossip of small town small minded people about Allison, but what he got when he meets her was so much more and he clearly wants to see how far he can go with it. He however has his own secrets and a past that is clearly ruling any future that he hopes to have with Allison.   

Ms Ely is one of those authors that  I did not fall in love with the first book that I read by her but I saw sparks of magic in her writing so it was no strain for me to snap up her newest offering. MIDNIGHT SECRETS is not just a story about small town people and their  long standing feuds, it was a mix of events that overlaps at a crossroads in Allison’s life.

Allison is at a point in her life where she is on the verge of trying something different and making some changes in her life, all hell  seems to break lose all of a sudden in her vicinity and she is not happy. Despite these daily stressful events meeting Miguel is about the only good thing that seems to perk her up but even that has it’s moment of uncertainty for her.

With a whole slew of small town characters Ms. Ely draws me into the setting, some of the expected was quickly highlighted but I loved that she gave a good balance with the good and bad of the town.

The main protags themselves were likeable enough but I will admit I liked Allison more as I felt she was more assertive when the chips were down. There are some nice sex scene in MIDNIGHT SECRETS however I had a few “what the hell” moment with the timing of some the events.

I must let you know this is the second book in this small town series, which I only found out when I jumped onto the author website. That said MIDNIGHT SECRETS is readable and understandable as is, but I am going to read the first one as some characters popped up in this book that just calls to me to find out their story. 

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