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Review - Dirty Business © Monica Kaye

Dirty Business
Author: Monica Kaye
Publisher: Loose Id, LLC
Genre: interracial
The moment Sean Keller spotted the dark-eyed beauty across a dim hotel bar room, it was lust at first sight. It wasn't long before he had his hands--and mouth--all over her. After one incredible night of sex, he awakens to find she's disappeared, but it's not long before he finds her again.
At his new office: she's his Executive Assistant! He can't allow himself to be distracted. He has come to Denver on a mission, to find the person trying to swindle him. Sean always gets his man. But keeping his distance from his newest employee is not going to be easy.
Chloe Walters had no idea that the handsome stranger she slept with the night before would be her new boss. Or that she'd be the number one suspect in his corporate espionage investigation. She's on a hunt of her own to uncover the scammer. But Sean's idea of cat-and-mouse has higher stakes than just her job.

Chloe sat in a darkened hotel bar. After work she had returned home, where she fed, walked, and spent some time playing with Baxter before leaving him in the care of her sister and his favorite doggy cousin, Spike. Her plan now was to slowly drink herself into a fine stupor before stumbling into the room she'd had the good sense to reserve. The thought of how pathetic it was to drink alone briefly crossed her mind, but it was quickly washed away with vodka. Sweet, sweet vodka.
She leaned back against the high leather backing of the booth and replayed the conversation she'd overheard, until it skipped like an overused CD in her head. She had almost convinced herself she had imagined the entire thing. That maybe the conversation had nothing to do with business. But as much as she wished it to be a fantasy, she wasn't an idiot. She knew there was something wrong. Ryan Dorset had something up his sleeve, and she was going to find out just what it was.
After signaling to the bartender for another cosmo, she stared glumly out the window overlooking the area of Denver known as Lower Downtown, or LoDo.
She shifted her gaze to stare down into her glass as if it were a crystal ball and the answer to her dilemma would magically appear.
"Excuse me, is this seat taken?"
She opened her mouth to say, Take a hike, bozo. Or that had been her intention until she turned to see who was standing next to her table. When she did, she almost swallowed her tongue. She knew those lips. That chin. It was the man from her dream!
She shook her head. It couldn't be. Fantasies did not come to life. Still, the thought set her heart to racing and tingles to her alert clit.

© Monica Kaye

My Thoughts
After doing a few excerpt on larger size women recently I decided to dig around on the old hard drive to see what I could find to read and Monica Kaye’s DIRTY BUSINESS was the first thing I put my hands on and it definately hit the spot.

The book follows the classic troupe in the interracial genre – black girl and white guy and a lot of possessive alpha male posturing misunderstanding.

Get beyond that however and there is a pretty decent story underneath that. Chloe is working a job that she is clearly over qualified for, suddenly finding herself in a position that feels too good to be true suddenly becomes too good to be true when she accidentally hears some unsavoury info.

Needing to unwind and think about the next step she crawls into a drink and before the night ends that drink spurns her on to having the most fantastic sexual experience of her life with a guy she picks up at the bar.

There is always regret after such sort of night and when Chloe finds out that the man that rocked her world the night before is now her  new boss the day only looks to get worse.

Sean Keller  doesn’t do things by half and when he decides to invest in a business he makes sure he has all the figures and somehow none of the figure seems to be adding up here. With his new Executive Assistant looking good for it,  in the back of his mind she looks even better as his arm candy and he intends to have his cake and eat it too all in the quest to unearth a traitor.

As I said earlier some of this books you just know what is coming - very predictable, however I was loving the camaraderie that exist between some of the cast, namely Chloe and her sister as well as Sam and his co-workers, I thought those scenes were really well done and gave a wonderful insight into the  private life’s of these two.

The mystery could have been developed on a bit more for my taste but from the tit bit that I got it was enough to lend weight to Sam ire about being duped.

This was really a quick and I wasn't disappointed as I got what I expected.

Ms. Kaye's style  is fun however and on more than occasion I found myself having a good laugh at the cast expense. This is a short enough book for you sink into with characters that range from the slimy to the TSTL females - definately something to pick up when you are in between heavy tomes .

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