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Review - Courting Savannah & Wolf on the Bayou © Tressie Lockwood

Courting Savannah

Author: Tressie Lockwood

Publisher: Sugar and Spice Press

Genre: Contemporary / Interracial

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Savannah's soldier ex-boyfriend Tyler is determined to win her back after he dumped her years ago, but she won't have anything to do with him. Tyler ripped her heart out and almost destroyed her life. She can't forgive him for what he did no matter how much he turns on the charm.

Tyler won't let Savannah forget all the good times they had together, and he recreates their passion inside and outside of the bedroom. When both their agendas take an unexpected turn, will Tyler lose Savannah forever, or will love prevail?

My Thoughts

I have a bunch of Tressie Lockwood books on the hard drive and I stumbled across this one the other day.

COURTING SAVANNAH is a short story and really deals with that defining moment when a comes home to claim his woman and the chance he has to go through to get said woman.

The blurb does give it all way so I’ll just give you a quick sum up of my thoughts.. Tyler is back home and he has one clear thought in mind, get the girl he left behind years ago and make her see he is sorry for giving up on them.

Savannah isn’t having it and despite the fact that she really loves Tyler even after all is said and done, she won’t roll over when he comes calling.

With the classic chest beating scenarios and a few comical moments as well I enjoyed this sweet romp between these two.

A few support cast was tossed in for good measure and I will admit I enjoyed those people more than the main protags – they were all kinda sassy and they made me laugh…

Quite an OK book and just the right  for when you wan a break from those intense reads…


Wolf on the Bayou

Author: Tressie Lockwood

Publisher: Amira Press

Genre: Paranormal / Interracial

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All Babet Duval wants is to escape the life fate has dealt her. When her brother wagers her in a poker game and loses, Babet decides to take the offer made by sexy Gabriel Bordelon. Spend thirty days as his companion, and he'll pay way to leave New Orleans and start over.

What Babet didn't know was that Gabriel is cursed to be a werewolf and that his maker is coming to force Gabriel to join his pack or kill him if he resists. How can Gabriel protect Babet from the other werewolf and from himself? And how can Babet convince Gabriel he is the one for her no matter what he is?

My Thoughts

I couldn’t resist this book after reading the blurb and I was also on a Lockwood spree as well. A woman living under the thumb of her ruthless brother sold at a poker game is a classic plotline, even the hero turning out not to be as  heroic as the heroine would like to think is something I have read before. Starting the book off with brother and sister in full flow angst mode was a good way to draw me into this story.

Babet is the girl on the poker table so to speak, not happy with her current living situation but making the best of it she lives right on the bread line and takes care of the little that she has. Finding out that the brother who she has made every sacrifice for has done the unthinkable and gambled her away is just about the final straw, but a win is a win and sexy Gabriel Bordelon has won the game fair and square.

Gabriel Bordelon is from a long time gone and with a age old secret, but he is not blinded to the fact that something is not right with this pair of brother and sister and it’s in his power to help even if the method by which he goes about it is not all together kosher.

Gabriel does not expect alot for his end of the bargain but neither does he expects to be attracted to Babet nor did he expect a witch and a man out for revenge to set a series of event in motion that may just see the end of him and innocent Babet.

While COURTING SAVANNAH hits the spot as a fun read with humour all round, WOLF ON THE BAYOU is a much darker read. From the backdrop of Gabriel home on the bayou where most of the heavier scenes of this book takes place', to the night-time events that seems to get weirder night by night I was intrigued by the dark world that Lockwood build around Badet and Gabriel.

Despite the obvious a lot of things worked for me in this book, the main protags were totally opposite to each other and I liked the spat they got into at every turn,  even with the predictables there were a few moments of surprise as well.

The support cast were not fun at all, quite a few were from the shallow end of the pool while a few acted tough but had hearts of gold, a good mix on the support cast I thought.

Where I had niggles was with the werewolf mystery which wasn’t developed enough for me, neither were the sub characters or the revenge plotline given enough page time to make me feel invested in those scenes. 

WOLF ON THE BAYOU was such a quick read, with too much added in to really say I enjoyed it, Over all an OK read that kept true to Lockwood style, the smexy scenes were sweet and even touching in some case.

While WOLF ON THE BAYOU didn’t work as well for me as the previous book, I will certainly be reading more of this author work I like her voice...  

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