Thursday, 4 November 2010

Excerpt Day – Pumped Dry © R.J.Fury



The store feels quiet and empty after they leave, and I'm surprised to hear the cowbell once more as I'm checking the expiration dates on the milk in the cooler a few minutes later.


"Just a sec," I call, emerging from the walk-in and unzipping my camouflage hoodie, expecting to see some fat trucker getting his Slim Jim on when I see Mona instead.


I look past her to see an empty gas pump, the brake lights of her friends' SUV flashing as they pull into the Motel 8 across the deserted two-lane blacktop.


"Forget something?" I ask hopefully, hanging my hoodie on a wooden peg outside the beer cooler.


"Just this," she gushes, pressing her outstretched palms against my yellow and black Traffic Town service apron and shoving me back against the cooler door as if she owns the joint.


Leaning up on her toes, she presses her creamy, smooth lips upon mine, gently at first, almost tentatively. The taste of coconut mixes with the fresh scent of desire oozing from her pores.


Her skin is so warm on mine, which has already turned frosty from the 50-degree beer cooler.


I gasp in surprise, opening my mouth reflexively, and she nibbles at my lips hungrily, pressing her tongue against mine as I sink into the cool, hard metal of the walk-in door.


Her shoulders are soft and bare as I grab them, clutching at them greedily while her breasts, small but firm, grind against my chest in a teasingly erotic passion as if she knows just the kind of effect they're having.


My dick grows hard in my jockey shorts, straining against the mandatory pleated khaki slacks that are part and parcel of the clean-cut, Traffic Town image.


I shift my hips to give it room to grow, and the movement nudges a moan from between her warm, tempting lips. I cover them with my own as we both grunt our way into getting to know each other better.


She must have sensed the bulge in my shorts, because she presses against it, grinding suggestively, her petite yoga pants so clingy and soft it's like she's wearing nothing at all.


"Uhm," she finally grunts, pressing away and licking her lips as if to get the last drop of my desire off of them. "Not here, Grady. I may be forward, but I'm no exhibitionist."


The sound of her husky voice coaxing another man's name from her tongue almost makes me blow my wad right there, but she's right; I'll get canned if I get caught swapping spit with a customer in full view of the security cameras.


"I've got a break coming up," I gasp, still trying to catch my breath as the very site of her perky breasts and sultry lips keeps me engorged, the pressure in my pants growing tighter and tighter as she leans back against a towering stack of two-liter soda bottles like she's posing for a swimsuit cover.


"I don't know," she coos, biting her lower lip suggestively and coaxing a fresh sigh from my lips. "I really should get back to my room; the girls will be wondering where I've gone."


"Did I say I've got a break coming up?" I chuckle, hurriedly grabbing the "Back in 10 Minutes" sign from between the sunglass rack and the doughnut display. "I mean my break just started!"

© R.J. Fury

Pumped Dry

Author: R.J. Fury

Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing

Genre: Erotica

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Grady Hobart is working the skeleton shift at the Traffic Town Truck Stop when three gorgeous spring breakers saunter in to use the restroom. A fourth, the raven-haired beauty known as Mona, lingers behind to flirt with Grady.

After the two strike up a flirtatious conversation, they are interrupted by the other three girls, tired and grumpy from a long day on the road and eager to check into their hotel across the street. Grady watches the four girls leave his life, prepared for another dull shift of reading skin mags and downing Red Bulls, when the cowbell over the door rings once more; it’s Mona, and she’s come back to tempt Grady with a proposition.


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