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Excerpt Day – A Personal Statement © Ansley Vaughan


The first thing he noticed was that the white towel was on the ground. And Todd was stretched out on the bed. He was propped up on one elbow, his body turned towards Pascal. And he was completely naked.


Pascal drew in a breath. The boy looked like some medieval masterpiece. His body was muscled, sculpted, but not excessively so. His hair, damp from the shower, spiked around his head like a halo. His legs were long and well defined, the one furthest away bent at the knee, the other stretched out, toes pointed.


One hand lazily stroked a golden penis, the largest and most shapely Pascal had ever seen. As he watched, it grew and darkened. Todd was watching him intently, blue eyes never leaving his face.


Pascal allowed his gaze to take in the exquisite sight, almost forgetting to breathe. Then he pulled himself together, remembering who he was, what was at stake.


"Oi!" he said, striving for lightness of tone. "You're not in your Harvard dorm now! Cover yourself up!"


Todd didn't move, didn't flinch. "Only if you want me to, Minister."


"I should say so. We can't have this turning into some x-rated scenario. Think of the constituents! Think of the prime minister..." Pascal was laughing, trying to keep it friendly, desperately attempting to deny his state of arousal.


"This..." Todd pulled at his penis, making it swell even more... "is calling out for some attention."


"Yes, well that's a private..."


Todd lay back and bent his knees, spreading his legs wide. "And so is this." One big forefinger circled his anal ring, then was slowly inserted. Todd's hips lifted from the bed. Dumont could scarcely breathe. "It's very, very private. Wouldn't you like to look more closely?"


"Enough, Panopoulos. This is not funny any more. Cover up."


"If you want me covered up, you'll have to do it yourself."


The tone had changed. Todd was looking at him with a new confidence, secure in the knowledge of his irresistible beauty.


Pascal got up, moved the short way to the bed and retrieved the towel from the floor. Todd had removed his finger and now, with a flowing motion, he began to stroke his cock more firmly, causing it to shudder into full attention. Pascal held the towel in his hands, ready to throw it across the rampant genitals as if silencing a parrot in a cage. But something stopped him.


Todd said, "This would be so much better if you were doing it."


Pascal's mouth was dry, and a thrill of terror went down his spine, competing with the shards of excitement radiating from his cock.


"Just touch it," Todd urged. "That's all you'd have to do. Just a touch, then I can sleep."


Suddenly, the request seemed quite reasonable. Pascal dropped the towel and slowly reached out a finger. He could see it was shaking. The golden cock reared up, hard and proud, from a cloud of blond hair. Pascal allowed the very tip of his index finger to trace the bulging vein on its underside. As if in response a tiny drop of liquid emerged from the slit and balanced, quivering, on the swollen head.


Todd said. "If you could just..."


Pascal needed no more urging. As if hypnotised, he moved to sit on the side of the bed and leaned forward. His tongue made contact with the droplet, licked it off. He tasted ambrosia.


And he was lost.


© Ansley Vaughan

A Personal Statement

Author: Ansley Vaughan

Publisher: Freya Bower

Genre: GLBT

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Pascal Dumont is a highly successful politician. He?s a minister in the British government, and people are already thinking of him as a future prime minister. But Dumont has a secret. And when the handsome American intern, Todd Panopoulos, turns up to work in his office, it looks as if the secret may be in danger of spilling out. Dumont?s reckless affair with Todd threatens his career, his honour and his prospective marriage. And when an unscrupulous journalist starts digging into Dumont?s past, he finds a lot more dirt to entertain the readers of the country?s tabloid press.

When Dumont is forced into a humiliating position, he has no choice but to make a Personal Statement to parliament. But what will his bitter enemy, the opposition shadow Jack Wickham, make of it all? The story ends with a revelation which will surprise even the most seasoned scandal-merchants.


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