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Excerpt Day - One Night in December © Terry O'Reilly


I cursed out loud as I crawled along the interstate at a snail’s pace. Only a few truckers and I had not taken the warnings of an impending ice storm seriously. They whizzed by me like they were invincible.


Macho Idiots! I thought to myself.


Man, if only it were a few degrees colder this would be snow. It should have been snow. It was December for Christ’s sake: almost Christmas. That’s why I was out so late on this wretched night. I’d stayed at school to finish off the skit for the school holiday assembly the next day, the last day before winter break. My eighth grade home room had chosen to do a parody on Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer, using the school staff as the victims of Santa’s errant steeds. The kids, of course, had all the good intentions in the world but, as anyone who works with adolescents of this age group will tell you, their follow through is not always what it should be. So, I decided, what the Hell, this is probably the most Christmas I’ll have, so why not? I stayed and finished it up. Now here I was creeping along the expressway hoping the truckers really did have the control they seemed to think they had.


Christmas hadn’t been fun the last few years. Not since my wife of thirty-one years had passed away the week before the holiday. Since her passing I hadn’t done much with Christmas. After giving me a year to grieve, our kids had encouraged me to continue with the holiday traditions, but I just couldn’t. Patti and I had loved Christmas: the decorating, the baking, the shopping, the whole nine yards. Without her there didn’t seem to be much point in it. Oh, sure, I did my thing for my kids and the grandkids: went to their homes, bought presents, took pictures, but at home…in the house…as I referred to it now, well, I just couldn’t.


There was another strange thing that happened after Patti was gone. When she was here (I couldn’t use the words alive and dead with regard to her) I had several men friends with whom I played sometimes individually, sometimes in groups, on a regular basis. With them I met my needs for man on man contact: yep, that meant sex. I had no qualms about it. I figured it was just like going out with the boys to golf, bowl or have a few beers. It had nothing to do with Patti or our life together. It was just a fact of my life. I was gay and that side of me needed attention. I had made the decision to be married, but soon after found I couldn’t put aside my need for men in my life, despite the love I had for Patti and the kids. I had told her before we became engaged that I was gay. I felt that was only fair. Patti accepted it and said she could live with it. I never told her of my guy friends, and she never asked, so I don’t know whether she suspected or not. It just didn’t seem to be important But after she…died…there I said the word…I was overcome with guilt. I felt that, in some way, I would be dishonoring her. I couldn’t do those things anymore. That is, see my friends. In the first year it was easy, as I had no libido at all.


Soon the guys stopped calling and writing. It didn’t matter. I no longer cared about that. What a strange turn of the screw. When I was married and should have been faithful, I had all the sex with men I needed. Now I was free to have all the sex with men I needed, I didn’t want it.


After a year, things started to change. About that time I started feeling the old stirrings. I began to check out guys I found attractive. I even resumed visiting some of the old Internet sites I had used. I decided maybe someday I would venture out and try it again, but for right now I would keep a lid on it.


© Terry O'Reilly

One Night in December

Author: Terry O'Reilly

Publisher: Excessica Publishing

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David Bennett was a widower. He had had a wonderful relationship with his wife. But she was gone. He decided he was done with relationships. He had no sex drive and no interest in life in general.

Andy Barnes was a homeless man who often stood at the end of an exit ramp begging for help. For some unfathomable reason, David was tempted to pick him up every time he went past him on his way home. One wretched night in December, fate intervened and David found himself bringing the man home and into his life.

Much to his surprise he began to fall in love with this down and out young man. His love was returned. David realized he did have a reason to go on with life after all.

Over the next years the two face life as a partnered gay couple with humor and courage. Each year brings with it happiness, tragedy, joy and sorrow; the stuff that life is made of. All along the way the love the two share for each other helps them to overcome all obstacles and face all challenges.


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I am not sure what it is about this author that make me keep reading his/her work...

Always something unexpected ... I like that..